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Yesterday would have been my Father’s 89th birthday. 

So, on this Fashion Friday, since he always was, I’m doing a “tribute” the well dressed man.

Daddy wasn’t a clothes-horse, but he did pride himself in looking nice.

His profession, vocation, required a certain look.  He was “The Preacher” after all, and who wants a sloppy preacher?

Well, no-one back when he started out.

But it wasn’t just his profession that fueled his fashion sense.

He just had style.

Most of the time. 

I will admit the 1970s were a bit dicey, polyester, plaids, all that.  But, I really think the government was doing some sort of chemical test on the American public, and whatever they put in the water impacted fashion the most.

After all, the 70s were – well – fashion wise, pretty funky.

But, Dad never was.

He started out pretty good.

Dad about a year old, 1922 at the Rockbridge Hotel

Seriously, the Sailor Look is a classic, and has always been in style.

And he wasn’t just dolled UP for his wedding day in 1939, he dressed UP for every date he had with Mother.

Wedding Day 9-16-1939

Check out the Buckskin shoes!

He had a daring streak too!

Daddy on a bridge!

And of course, when he was in the Army, it was all spit and polish!Dad in Korea, WW II

Later on, right after WW II, he got gussied UP for a portrait for Mother.

Dad, Early 1940s

I don’t remember seeing Dad without a coat and tie much when we were kids.  He usually wore a tie even on vacation.

We used to joke and say the only time we’d seen him without one was when he was having open-heart surgery, and he was holding it over to the side at the time.

Let's get this overwith!

I remember suits from Worthmore’s, felt hats in boxes, cotton handkerchiefs, Weinberg Masagics, tie-pins, cuff-links and over the calf black socks.

He took John T. Malloy very seriously.

We polished our shoes every Saturday evening while Mother ironed our one white shirt in the kitchen.

That ironing stuff stopped as soon as Perma-Press hit JCPenney!

As Dad aged, unlike many men, he kept his fashion sense together – most of the time.

There were a few too many plaids, base-ball caps, and what I like to call the “belt with suspenders” era.

But he did keep it together long enough to dress UP for his 70th wedding anniversary.

70 years and still smiling by Jenny Rapson of MomminitUP

And of course, as a kid, I wanted to be just like him.

UP age 10, usually mistaken for age 6

I’m not sure I always made the grade, but I’m sure I get my desire to look good from him, and maybe a little of my vanity.

He was truly a Dapper Dad!

And I miss him.

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