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Ladies, don’t do this.

You may have heard about the Florida woman who caused a two car crash because she was shaving her bikini line while driving.

Yes, I said that out loud.  All I worry about is spilling my Redneck Latte!

Ms. Barnes, the shaver/driver crashed into the back of a pick UP truck while doing 45 miles per hour on her trip from Miami to Key West.  She was on her way ‘to a date’, and she wanted ‘to look her best’.

Apparently, it was going to be a clothes free date.  Or, maybe she was just late.

She was a multiple traffic offender;  no driver’s license, a DUI in the past, and a ticket for speeding while driving with out a DL.

Makes eating that Taco Bell Chalupa look like a cake walk, now doesn’t it.

Ok, I’ll admit that (and thanks to all those posts from The Redneck Mommy I can say this) muff maintenance is a must, but seriously girls, on the highway?

To quote Stewie Griffin, “Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!”

Beaver Cleaver

If her mug shot, pictured above, is any indication of her beauty regimen, I think a crotch clip is the least of her cares.

Has she thought to sue her hairdresser?

I’ll admit, back in the late 1980s, when I had to drive from Brandon, Florida to Naples, I did do the crossword puzzle on I 75, but…I never once shaved…anything!

And I realize the drive from Miami to Key West is long and dull, but, honey, if you’re bored, count license plates, manatees, clouds, listen to the radio, don’t rake a razor across your raunchie!!  It’s a really risky road routine.

Well, at least she wasn’t texting!

Have a fabulously fashionable Friday, but don’t do this, it is Friday the 13th after all!

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