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My “older” brother turns 66 today.

Now, I’m sure you’ll get to read about him on MomminitUP since Jenny of same, is his spoiled coddled given anything she asked for  wonderful daughter.  And, yes, I know she did a post about him last year, but who knows…he’s pretty important to her.

And to me as well.

Charlie was eight years old when I “came across the water”, and was more interested in the woods, hunting, fishing, and playing with the Teaford, Knick, and Cunningham boys to pay much attention to me.

When I started 1st grade, he was in Jr. Hi.

When I graduated High School, he had he’d been teaching it for four years and had been married for 2 years.

When I had kids, his youngest, Jenny, was eight.

So, in life he’s always been ahead of me.

And he’s very stable.

Calm and serene, two words that no one on the planet would use to describe me, are the first two to come to mind when I think of him.

He can fix most anything, roofs, plumbing, cars, machines.

I can’t.

It’s a tad annoying.

He does math.

He’s brave.

Charlie, Kerrs Creek, age 9

Has always been a fashion leader.

Easter 1955 VA

I mean, really, look at that picture.   Judy was no doubt working her new camera, Mother dressed in her best was trying to get the “always camera shy me’ to look UP, Zola was picking her nose making sure her hair was out of her face, and then there’s Charlie.

The Smoky-eyed downard looking Man Vogue pose, the zoot suit, the KEDS!


Charlie and Diane

Of course he got married first.  To his “high school sweetheart” and after all, they only dated for eight years.

Kids, family, work, bills, time, ball games, piano recitals, distance…life can keep brothers from getting to know each other.  And we weren’t able to spend too much time together then.  But each time we do, we learn that though we are very different,  we are very much alike, and we have a common bond.

He’s been there for me when I’ve needed him.

And he’s my hero.

He’s always made being a  ‘big brother’ fashionable.

Happy Birthday Charlie!


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