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While parents are singing “It The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year”, kids are bemoaning the end of “Summer Vacation”.

Since the phrase “See You In September” no longer applies, I thought I’d get an early start on Fall Fashions for school.

“What to buy?”, you ask.

More importantly, the question is, “What not to buy?”

Here’s a tip.  If there is any doubt, don’t buy it.  Or, don’t let her/him wear it to school.

What’s in?

Suede kicks.

Blue Suede Shoes

Khaki always works and denim as well.  Make sure they A. fit, and B. have no holes, rips and tears that show underwear. For the girls, riding boots are in, scarves, hats (most schools do not allow head coverings other than for religious purposes),  chunky gold bracelets, and the color this fall – RED RED RED!

Guys, skinny jeans are OUT!  Comfort is back, the boys need to breathe.  Not too baggy, and sagging went out when President Obama came in.

Moms and Dads, here are some guide lines to follow. 

  • Not too much skin showing.
  • Not too tight.
  • No profanity.  (None while shopping either!!)
  • No liquor referneces – sorry, this excludes most NASCAR.
  • No double entendre.
  • Not too short.
  • Not to Abbertrampy and Skank!

Here’s another tip, that tee-shirt that has Aces on it and says “Nice Pair” is not a good idea!

Not so nice a pair
Funny, yes, appropriate, NO!


What time was that School Conference?

and especially Dad,

No Dad, NO!

when the school calls you to bring appropriate clothing for your child who’s been “dress coded”,  don’t show UP in a halter dress or shorts with the pockets hanging out!  You may get sent home too!

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