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Well, are you?

Chic, meaning attractive and fashionable when used as an adjective, or style and elegant when used as a noun, comes from the German word, scheck, which means to arrange with tact and skill.

Our word ‘chic’ isn’t our word, it’s  French.  I was first used in 1856 to describe the Empress Eugenie, the consort of the French Emperor Napoleon III.

Empress Eugenie by Franz Winterhalter

The French have impacted fashion for centuries, and Eugenie, who was from Spain,  kept UP the tradition.

Eugenie had a lot of time on her hands.  Napoleon was a ladies man, played the field, was out of the country often, and Eugenie salved her sorrows with running France while he was away and by shopping.

Lots of shopping.

Seriously, lots!

She was the first to wear ‘cage’ crinolies back in 1855.  You know, the basis for the giant hoop skirts we associate with the Antebellum era.   Scarlett, Melanie, all that.

Once Eugenie strapped on that hooped skirt, they took off everywhere.

When, at the end of the 1860s she abandoned the saftey hazards at the insistance of her couturier, Charles Frederick Worth, the big butt era was OVER!

But, chic, remains.

We’re not talking fads here.  We’re talking style.  Something which shows subtle taste, design, elegance, and just plain old class.

Like the little black dress, the string of pearls, cleanliness.


So, as the holiday party season approaches, keep UP a good front! 

Think style, think class, think chic!

Be pretty out there, it’s an ugly world!

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