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Ok, I’m not bashing the overweight!

This is scary news!

Can you be a normal weight and be fat at the same time?

Well, according to the Mayo Clinic you can.  (What’s up with the Mayo part, shouldn’t it be the Fat Free Salad Dressing Clinic?)

This new report says that fat in your body can get you and your heart into trouble even if you don’t look fat and if the scale tells you you’re healthy.


Cardiologist Francisco Lopez-Jimenez, has even given it a name.

Normal weight obesity.

They looked at data from a bunch of  Americans, both North and South,  who had normal body size when measured by body mass index.  The ones with a high percentage of body fat were at significantly greater risk of future heart problems than those with low amounts of fat.

Their bodies “behave like they are obese, but they are not,” Dr. Lopez-Jimenez says.

Ok, this is really tickin’ me off!

Even skinny folks can be at risk because they’re fat on the inside?

People don’t have to be overweight to have excess body fat?

They have a higher ratio of fat to muscle tissue than people with low body fat.

Almost everyone has a different body mass index.

It took them nine years to figure this out, and who knows how much money. 

And some folks don’t even have a clue they are at risk.

Look good, feel good, must be good!

Maybe not!

Look at Brittany Murphy.

Of course the findings aren’t concrete, and they need “more study” (translation, more cash!)

Your best option, buy a scale that measures your body fat as well as your weight.

Tanita makes one.  It passes a small electrical current through body tissue.  (No, you do not get a thrill!)

And like my gym, LA Fitness, does, many health clubs offer body-fat assessments.

Now, the folks who wrote the report say they don’t think the “study’s results mean people should have their body fat measured to assess their cardiac risk.” Usually, a little extra weight around the middle among normal weight people should be a sufficient wakeup call.

Dr. Oz has been saying this for years.  Manage your waist!

What the Mayo Clinic is telling us?  High body fat among “normal-weight” men and women can be associated with 400% increase in the risk for abnormalities including elevated blood sugar and blood pressure.  This usually happens with people who are obese and is the pathway to diabetes and cardiovascular disease. 

Both men and women have a higher risk of abnormal cholesterol and men with high body fat are more likely to develop high blood pressure if they are “normally obese”.

The government standards suggest that body mass index, or BMI, should be between 18.5 and 24.9.

This was the range for the participants in the Mayo study.

But, don’t throw BMI out the window.  It still measures fit v. fat.

You can lose weight and have a high BMI. 

I did. 

I lost 32 lbs. in about 15 months, but my BMI only went down about two points.  Once I added weight training and pumped up my walking speed, it dropped. 

Common sense tells us that eating a healthy diet is important in reducing body fat as well. 

But, there is a balance.  If you only cut calories and don’t exercise, you can lose equal amounts of body fat and lean muscle.  Lean muscle burns more calories, and you want as much of that as you can stand.  

There are hundreds of sites on the web that can help, and if you’re worried about heart disease and diabetes, and if they run in your family, you should be.  So, in any case,  check them out. 

It’s diet AND exercise. 

Jog to dinner, Jog while making dinner, just burn the fat!

‘Cause, you really wanna be fit, inside and out!

Oh, and BTW, my BMI is 24%…the target for a guy my age and weight.

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