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…Yesterday was a me day.

According to some folks, everyday of my life is a “me day”.   But this one really was.

I wasn’t needed at school today, which was a mixed blessing.  I love school, love to be there, and make a little money when I am.

But today, it wasn’t to be…I had the day off.

Recently, when I was “displaced” as you may have read in a previous post, the folks I worked with gave me some “lovely parting gifts”.  Me likes the presents you know!

Among them was a gift certificate to a spa. 

Well….today, after NOT getting a call ,to go to school, I took off for the mall and did my three mile daily walk.  I like to walk early, it starts the day right, clears the cobwebs from my brain, and exercising early is better for ones metabolism.  And of course, there are fewer people there to dodge.  Of course on the way I stopped at WH for some Red Neck Latte.  The girls there saw my car at the red light, and it was on the counter when I walked in…”Good Food Fast”…they aren’t kidding.

After the awakening  jolt of Red Neck Latte, I headed to the mall, walked, and then to the Gym for a work out.  Arms and abs today.  Not too much, not too heavy, I’m 57 after all…Oh yes, need to clear something up…It has been erronously reported over at Mommin It UP and on twitter that I am 60…well, I’m not.  Aunt Zola is 60, I have a few years to go. 

Now that that grievous error is corrected, back to the “me day”.   I left the gym headed to yet another WH for the second Red Neck Latte.   It was awaitin’ on the counter when I walked in.  Ya gotta’ love Paige and Kim.

After doing the AJC crossword (in ink), drinking my coffee, and chatting it up with the guys and girls who are ALWAYS there, I headed over to Outback for a little “sun”.  12 minutes in the diva bed and I’m as brown as a biscuit.

Then…as the gift certificate was burning a hole in my pocket I dropped by the “natural body spa and shop”


for a massage.

Guys (and girls), this was homey’s very first massage by a professional. 


This is where Adam took over.  I’m sure this guy has never in this life asked anyone to open a jar of pickles.  He could probably get that puppy open with two fingers!

It was awesome.

One hour, soft soothing “new-agey” music, candles, oil, and pure, pure relaxation.

Ya! gotta’ get one.

After moving rather liquidly to the car, I headed to GT Nails…why not?  It’s a me day.

Yes, I do it, I’ll admit.  Manicures and pedicures have become a part of my routine.


Now, I’m thinking you might be thinking …”what’s a rednecklatte kinda guy doing getting pedicures and all?”. 

But guys, (and girls) how you look and how you feel and how you feel about how you look and how you feel are very important.  At least they are to me!

The only disturbing moment of the day was when the Vietnamese lady doing my manicure asked me if I was Chinese!!  

Maybe I need to get my eyelids done!

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