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When it comes to a few things, I’m a purist.  Real Coffee, Levi’s, 100% cotton underwear, Perry Ellis, Ford Trucks, and tap water.


Is bottled water really better for you?

I’ve done some research.  I learned a lot on the web…so it must be true.Bottled water is regulated by the FDA, tap water by the EPA.  Gee, I feel better already.   After all, they’re both doing such a great job.  The EPA took over the tap water part back in 1974 when the Safe Water Act came into being.   Actually, since it’s the Bigger Man On Campus, it has control of it all.   And the EPA just lets the FDA be the towel boy because he has a hot sister.

Really folks, your tax dollars at work, a Safe Water Act, why don’t we have a common sense act while were at it….waaaaaait a miiiiiiiinute…that’s not a bad idea!

Sorry, AND, back to my point.

Many times when the EPA decides on a new standard (since it’s the BMOC), the FDA, wanting to be on the homecoming court as well, adopts the very same standards or policies. (i.e. shops at Abertrampy and Skank as well.)

Bottled water “advocates” (sellers, providers, lobbyists, and manufacturers) want you, the consumer, to buy into the belief that bottled water has less lead, and is therefore better for you . Less lead?   Lead alone should be enough to scare you, and the way sales, and litter along the highway are going, it looks like America is totally on the bottled water band-wagon.

We all know that lead can leech into tap water from the lead pipes coming from the main water supply and in your own home. (Really, we all knew that?)   And really folks, this could be a problem.  However, the EPA, looking out for us, is already on to the problem, and sets a standard of 15 parts per billion, hereafter referred to as ppb, for bottled water.  The standards for tap water are at 5 ppb.   Hmmm.

Tap 1, BW 0

Many communities add flouride to their tap water, making all the Dentists smile.  Bottled water usually loses most of the flouride thorugh the distillation process or osmosis.  Some studies say that children 6-17 should not drink bottled water for the flouride reason alone.

Tap 2, BW 0

One NRDC study says “even when bottled waters are covered by the FDA’s specific bottled water standards, those rules are weaker in many way than the EPA rules that apply to big-city tap water.” 

Tap 3, BW 0

From the same report; “City tap water can have no confirmed E. coli or fecal coliform (you don’t want to know) bacteria.  FDA bottled water rules include no such prohibition, a certain amount of any type of coliform bacteria is allowed in bottled water.  (Wonder why the marketing campaign “What’s this Crap” never took off?)

Tap 4, BW 0

City tap water from surface water has to be filtered and disinfected (what do they do wash it?).  Bottled, no.

Tap 5, BW 0

MOST cities which use surface water are required to test for Cryptosporidium or Giardia, which are two of the most common water pathogens and can cause diarrhea and other intestinal problems.  Bottled water, ah no!

Tap 6, BW 0

Tap water has to meet standards for “certain” important TOXIC or cancer-casuing chemicals, like phtalate, which BTW, can leech from plastic.  The bottled water lobbyists convinced the FDA to exempt bottled water from these regulations on these chemicals…wait a minute…dang, this Dasani bottle’s plastic…how did I miss that?

Tap 7, BW 0

And your city water supplier (which I’m guessin’ is your city) must issue an annual “right to know” report which tells you the consumer what is in the water.  Bottler lobbyists, killed the right to know bill on bottled water.

Tap 8, BW 0

What to do, what to do?  Pardon me while I mull this over, I’m going to go wash this bottle out.

So, the next time you see me at the gym with my 30 year old thermos of tap water, don’t judge me, it’s not because I’m not hip!

Oh, BTW, Evian is naive spelled backwards!

PS…here’s a tip from yahoo…see where your city fits in.  Cities with the worst water.

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