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OK, this season of Dancing With The Stars is almost over, and I’ve not had a word to say about it on Redneck Latte Ravings.


I’m sure you’ve been wondering.

It’s not that I’m bored with it, and it’s not that it hasn’t been as good as in the past, it’s just been so unpredictable.

And there have been some issues.

Jennifer Grey and Brandy are such whiners!

Maks is being a bully!

Kyle Massey hasn’t lost as much weight as he should have – I’m guessing “carb loading”.  But, at least he’s pretty good and has energy.

Every time some one went home this season, everyone seemed surprised.

Not so much that they went home, but the Bristol Palin didn’t.

Bristol the Pistol

So she couldn’t dance at first, but she improved – vastly, and she’s was no Hate Kate Gosselin.

The surprising situation the AlaskansinglemomdaughterofSarahandTodd finds herself in really isn’t all that surprising.

First of all, there were few stars this season. 

Hasbeens yes, stars?  David Hasslehoff…seriously people!

Kurt Warner was charming, homey, and nice, and a former foot ball MVP.

Rick Fox, TALL, good looking and a former basketball player.

Jennifer Grey, former movie star.

Michael Bolton – has been.

Florence Henderson may be “everyone’s favorite TV mom”, but she hasn’t set the world on fire for a long time.  Yes, she’s still working, but…not so much.

Frankly, Margaret Cho is the only one with an active TV show, and her comedy stints still sell out.  (In case you don’t know, she’s the fat girl’s Jane’s secretary on Drop Dead Diva!)

And don’t say I left out The Situation, because The Jersey Shore isn’t a TV show, it’s crap!

Yet, even with all that, UP  loves him some DWTS.

But,  most importantly, and the second reason Bristol Palin finds herself still there, she’s the underdog.

No real celebrity, unless you count the “baby out of wedlock” (are we really still using that term?) while mommy is running for Vice President thing.

No movies, no CDs, nothing.

She was simply a single mom with a douche for a baby daddy who took a chance and drove herself from Alaska to LA.

And she learned to dance.

Reason one, I think she’s gotten into it.

Reason two, Mark Ballas.  I’m sure he’s easy to follow.

Yet the skeptics (Len, Carrie Ann, and Bruno) are pooh-poohing the nation’s choice!

Palin said she’s not hurt by the skeptics. “I know I’ve worked hard to get where I am,” she said. “I definitely feel like I’m the most improved dancer on this show — so I’m comfortable with that.”

She is the most improved simply because she knew nothing about ball room dancing, performing, or an audience before she got there.

She had no where to go but UP!

The judges, stylists, and make-UP people have done all they can to run her off.

But she’s apparently a fan favorite, even though there are some that are furious she’s there and Brandy’s not.

One Wisconsin man was so UPset by her nudging Bandy off the show, he pulled an Elvis and blasted his television with a shotgun, prompting a visit from the SWAT team which lasted for 12 hours.

Not such a happy guy!

For the love of June Taylor, man, it’s not like the voted Cloris Leachman off early! 

I’m guessin’ he’s not a Tea Partier!

So, even after calling it right for the last five seasons, I’m a hesitant to go out on a limb.

I think Kyle’s gonna’ win,  but Jennifer is good, Bristol is popular, and Brandy’s gone, so you just never know!

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