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You may have heard, UP is a BIG, BIG fan of DWTS.

Love it.  Can’t explain it, it just makes me happy!

I wait breathlessly each season for the new line-UP to be announced.

As usual, I was all a twitter, waiting to see which “stars” would thrill me this season.

This time…not so much.

I’ll admit, Evan “I won a Gold Medal at the Olympics” Lysacek is a great choice, and probably a favorite to win.  Good on his feet, good looking, and hugely popular right now.

Nichole Scherzinger, the girl from the Pussycat Dolls, I can live with.  She could be the next Mel B, and it looks like she has already seen Edyta about costuming.

Could Give Edyta a Run For Her Money


Neicy Nash will make Macy Grey look tame, and add a lot of humor. 

DWTS 9-1-1

Me loves me some Reno 9-1-1 too!

Erin Andrews is going from the sideline to the Electric Slideline, and will probably hit the road early…but I’ve been wrong before.  Not a whole lot of football watchers watch the show (with the exception of a renaissance  man like me) , and unless their wives watch football with them, they may not know her.

Erin Andrews

The obligatory Football Star, Chad 85 Ocho Cinco will be a favorite early –  if he can dance.  The crowd will have no mercy if he can’t.  And the grille may be a ‘tad’ distracting.

Lil Wayne wants his Grille Back!!

Buzz “I was moonwalking be for moonwalking was cool” Aldrin will head back to space early.  He’s old, gets to stay a few weeks out of sympathy, and he’s no Jerry Springer! But I’m sure he’s a darn sight better than Tom Delay! (Who wouldn’t be?)

Buzz Aldrin

And then there’s the Batchelor guy, Jake Pavelka – or Mr. Bad Choice.  He’ll be  a fan favorite for a while, but who knows, everyone’s ticked that he picked the wrong girl.  And shouldn’t he be saving all his energy for the honeymoon?

Jake the Jerk

Aiden Turner, from “All My Children” is pretty hot right now, and may be a contender.  The Soap Ladies love DWTS too.  He’s prettier than Giles Marini, you can understand him, and has quarter bouncing abs, so he might have an edge.

Move Giles Marini!

And then we come to the final three ‘ladies’ in the line up.

Kate Gosselin, Pam Anderson, and Shannon Doherty!

Double Bubble Toil and Trouble


For the two of you on the planet who don’t know how  UP feels about Ms. Gosselin, let’s just say, I’m not a fan, and think her 15 minutes of fame should have been over long, long ago.


   Before                               After

Shannen “Little Miss Spoiled Hollywood” Doherty will hang in there for a while since all the 90210 and Charmed folks watch.  But she’s not a winner.


And then there’s Pamela Anderson…from all the ‘moves’ she made in the Tommy Lee video, she might be pretty good on her feet, we all know she’s good on her back…

Standing UP Could Be A Problem

…I suppose we’ll have to change the name to Dancing With The Skanks!


My money’s on Evan.  Great smile, looks good in sequins, and if the pants are as tight on DWTS as they were at Vancouver, he’s a “skate-in”.

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