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January is bad enough.

I really don’t need a bunch of amateurs crowding UP the gym.


Really, I hate January at the Gym.

I still go, because I want to, and because I have to.

But, it’s just such a hassle.

At least until about Valentine’s Day when all the New Years Resolutions wear off.

Now, seriously, I applaud anyone who makes a NYR and sticks to it, but generally, when it comes to “fitness” at least, they are…


And not a moment too soon for me.

I have a routine, I’m a creature of habit, I’m probably a little somewhat a tad totally OCD.

On the days I don’t work in the AM…

I get UP,

get dressed,

hit the Waffle House for a Red Neck Latte

go to the mall and walk three miles

and go to the gym.

Now that it’s January, the place is full of Weebles Wobbling from Weight Machine to Weight Machine Working off Weight they should  have worried about weeks ago.


I don’t mean to be insensitive  – but c’mon folks, start earlier, stick with it, or stay out!

Some tips for the new “Gym Rat”

  • Month to month.   Eschew the contract.
  • Personal Trainer…why hurt yourself, when once a week for a month will teach you more in form and effort than you can ever learn on your own.
  • Watch people whom you would like to look like and STEAL TRAINING…copy their moves, use lighter weight, but use thier form.
  • Change your diet.  You can’t work UP an appetite on the elipical and then limp to Dunkin Donuts or the Waffle House and have an All Star Breakfast, all the way.  It’s diet AND exercise.
  • Start slow, start light.  You can’t bulk UP, tone UP or loose all that weight in a week.  You didn’t wake UP one day 4o pounds heavier, and your not gonna’ wake UP tomorrow 40 pounds lighter…unless you lose a leg!
  • And most importantly, stay OUT OF MY WAY!
  • oh, and good luck!


I work out in the AM around 8, or in the afternoon around 3, Please stay away at those time.  I’m not always the chaming, kind, non-judgmental  UP you’ve come to know and love, I can be…..unpleasant.

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