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…on vacation.

Yahoo recently had an article on ten states where “rare and exotic diseases lurk”.


Isn’t that a little hoity-toity for a disease?

But, anyhoo, the states mentioned are, Arizona:  West Nile Virus, California:  whooping cough!, Colorado: hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, a deadly respiratory complication. Delaware: Lyme disease, which BTW, was named after the Delaware city Lyme!!, Florida:  malaria and dengue disease, as well as stupid jury fever, Massachusetts:  babesiosis a “super” malaria imported from overseas, New Mexico:  and this is a quote, “a disease that wiped out millions in the Middle Ages and is now synonymous with “scourge”: plague.”, New York:  measles, wasn’t MMR supposed to fix that?, Oklahoma:  Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever which comes from ticks, and my favorite, Texas:  leprosy!

OK, Leprosy! 

The rest you can google, but here’s why on the leprosy outbreak.

Leprosy, now all prettied UP with the nam Hansen’s disease (after that awful band I’m sure) usually comes from travel to Asia, where it is common.  BUT, in Texas, it comes from contact with armadillos.

Here’s a tip, don’t touch them!

About 20% of armadillos carry leprosy.  Most people come in contact with them while hunting them, or wait for it…wrestling with them!

Ok, if you’re gonna’ wrestle an armadillo, you just might deserve Leprosy, er Hansen’s disease!


Have a great Monday, and check with your travel agent before you go anywhere!

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