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Today is Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Day.

Banks are closed, there will be no mail, and most government offices and all public schools are closed.

Regardless of how one feels about a special holiday honoring a man, it should be a day to reflect on our dreams.

Do you have a dream?

Do you have more than one?

Dr. Martin Luther King lived in a time when there was no equality for all men in America.  We may have been created equal, but all men were not treated equally.

I am glad those times are gone, I’m glad that we can be proud to say that all people have an opportunity to strive, to achieve, to succeed. 

But, more than honoring a man who fought hard and sacrificed his life for what he believed, this should also be a day where we as Americans dare to dream.  Dare to strive, dare to work, dare to achieve, and dare to succeed.

I have several dreams. 

Some are selfish, some are alturistic, and some are idealistic.

But I have a dream.

Do you?

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