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Well, Dick Cheney’s pissing everyone off, again.

Or, is it still?

Cheney, who is obviously just as heartless as we thought, and proud of what he has to say,  told NBCs Jamie Gangel in an interview for NBC’s Dateline, “There are gonna be heads exploding all over Washington.”  The interview aired Monday.

I worked late, darn!

His new book, In My Time, hits the stores today.  (Actually, it was already at Books A Million on Monday!!)

The man who would be king!

I’m sure millions will buy it, I for one, won’t.

I don’t like him, never did, and frankly think he’s made quite enough money off the suffering of Americans.  Cheney’s book says, “with Lynn Cheney”, so I’m guessing she was more than a ghost writer. 

And to quote the late Jerry Fallwell, “I don’t need to take the cover off a manhole to know what’s down there.”

As I’ve said before, I get a tad annoyed at people getting book deals because of position, power, who they are, or whether or not they got knocked-UP in high school.  Just to clarify, Dick did not get knocked-UP in high school.

Former President George W. Bush says he’s fine with Cheney’s book.

Condi Rice and Colin Powell, aren’t taking it so well.

I’m assuming the latter two have read it.

I doubt that GWB will.  He’s got a ranch to run, his own book to pimp out, and speeches to give.

Who has time?

Former Secretaries of State Rice and Powell both have said that the book takes “cheap shots” at them.  Well, lie down with dogs…

I wonder if in one hundred years, Cheney’s book will matter, or if it’s just today’s news.  I mean afterall, Dan Quayle and Al Gore both were VPs and both wrote books; are they still selling?

And, is anyone buying That Reminds Me?  Alben W. Barkley, VP under Harry Truman wrote his memoir in 1954, I don’t think it’s on the best seller list today.

So, hopefully, Cheney’s book will go the ‘way of all flesh’.

*My appologies to Maggie Smith.  If you’ve never seen Murder by Death, a great movie from the early 1970s, starring Maggie Smith, David Niven, and Truman Capote…rent it! 

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