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Tragedy struck this past weekend when an 18 year old young man was beaten and stomped to death simply for waking past his attackers at the wrong time.

According to Douglas County Sheriff Phil Miller, Bobby Tillman died before he could be taken to the hospital.

Four people have been arrested.

There were 80 people at the house party.  Ten were invited.

The Sheriff said, “Some very responsible parents let their daughters have a party at their house, and there were only 10 people expected to come.” 

When the parents asked the party-crashers to leave, a fight began between two girls outside the home.

One of the girls hit a guy, he getting at least one thing right, said he wouldn’t hit a girl but would “…hit the next dude walks by…”

According to Sheriff Miller said. The 5-feet-6 inch, 124 pound Tillman was the next male.

Tillman was still breathing as deputies arrived at the scene according to  Miller.

Deputies administered CPR, but it was too late, he did not survive.

“It’ll bring tears to your eyes,” Miller said. “It’s just so sad.”

It’s not only sad, it’s infuriating.

57 people were interviewed after the “incident”.

Witnesses were taken by bus to the sheriff’s office.  And of course, civil rights activists are all UP in arms about that!  What were the police supposed to do?   Let witnessess get away, not get the real story, let it go.  NO!

Four people were arrested, and investigators do not believe there will be additional arrests.

The homeowners are not expected to face charges.

“They were doing the very best they could,” Miller said. “The situation got out of hand.”

Ya think?

I’m sure more will come out.  I can’t wait to learn about the four people who thought it was ok to stomp and beat someone to death just because some stupid girl went off on them.

And, according to the story, she only hit one guy, so the other three…what was your excuse?

As to the parents and homeowners – the minute the 11th person showed UP, you should have called the police and shut it down.  One would think after 40 unwanted guests arrived, you’d have done something.

As to the parents of the four people who murdered Bobby Tillman, nice job, really, good work.

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