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Ok, so Charlie Sheen’s in the news again.  His $100 million dollar law-suit won’t go to trial, it’s going to arbitration. 

NOT winning.

Score one for Chuck Lorre.

Chuck Lorre

And of course, Chuck has hired Ashton Kutcher to replace Charlie on TV’s “Two And A Half Men”, for 1/2 the money.


Score two for Chuck Lorre.

Chuck isn’t saying how they will integrate Michael Kelso Asthon Kutcher into the show, but he did say it would be seamless, and really, really funny.

It probably will be, because Chuck is very, very funny, and a very good writer.

Kissing UP too much?

An important but not seen that often character on the show is Evelyn, Charlie and Alan’s mother, played by the amazingly talented Holland Taylor.

The Sister I Never Had.

So, I have an idea that will make Chuck Lorre score even more.

Let’s say Evelyn, the mom, has a brother.  Let’s say that brother has issues.  Let’s say that brother is bald, tan, in decent shape, funny, witty, really, really smart, and has his own blog. 

Let’s say I’m avaliable.

UP, Evelyn's brother!

So, Dear Mr. Lorre: 

The staff at Redneck Latte Ravings is waiting for an email.  I’ll even fly for this.  And I’ll do it for the money the kid makes!

Just sayin’, I’m sure I could pull it off!

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