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Well, you knew it was coming.

The new line UP for DWTS was announced during the most assinine show on television “The Batchelor” Monday evening.  I did not watch it. 

I will not suffer through that stupid show even if it is the ONLY way I can find out about the new “stars” on this season’s list.

Seriously, the show sucks, and the batchelor himself is a total douche!

Ok, I’m in a mood, I’m sure it shows.

The line UP includes Hines Ward, a wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  The footballers usually do pretty well, so he might be entertaining.

Then there’s Ralph Macchio, the original “Karate Kid”.  A litte nostalgia never hurts the show, but most of his recent work isn’t in starring roles, he’s a character actor now.

Petra Nemcova, model, “actress”, “author”, and philnathropist is very pretty, and will display her scanty costumes well. 

Chelsea Kane, again an actress, her career is so new, she really needs to be out there getting more TV roles…she’s a starlet, not a star.

Chris Jerico, what’s DWTS without a brute?  He’ll probably surprise us one way or another.    But, unless you’re a wrasslin fan, again…not a star.

Then there’s Sugar Ray Leonard, OK, finally, a star in his own right.  Leonard, a hero to many, was the first boxer to win $100 million in purses.  No, not Gucci and Dooney and Burke, purses, as in pay-outs.

Romeo, not the one from the play, but the Rapper formerly called Lil’ Romeo.  He’s all grown UP now, so the Lil’ had to go, plus, they already had Lil’ Kim, and she did the shout out to all her homies back in the Graybar Hotel.

And to give Bruno the crazy judge some competition, Psycho Mike Catherwood, a DJ from KROQ-FM’s Kevin and Bean and Loveline might add some drama, he’s no Imus, but then Imus probably can’t move.

Then we have Kendra Wilkinson, one of the Girls Next Door to the Playboy mansion.  Pretty, perky, pumped UP, she’s this years Holly Madison, and an odds on bet to win.  Apparently people have seen her dance.

Of course we have Wendy Williams, the “media personality”, not the transvestite porn stary.  (Please don’t ask how I k now abou that!)  Tired of living in Oprah’s shadow, she named herself “The Queen of All Media”, and set out to out self-promote Jayne Mansfield.  She’s a oh for the love of god best selling author, has her own TV show, and a life filled with controversy.  All the rappers hate her, and even Tupac dissed her in his song, Why U Turn On Me.  She and her husband were sued, still pending, by a former employee for sexual harrassment.  Apparently Mr. Wendy Williams a.k.a. Kevin Hunter, offered to take the employee shopping so she could “dress like a sexy little bitch”.  Nice!  And, she’s a big girl too.  Should be interesting.

Speaking of big.  Kirstie Alley rounds out the cast, so I suppose Carrie Ann Inaba will get her wish, lifts will be out of the question.

What the heck, I’ll watch it anyway!  I can’t imagine them letting me down, they never do!


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