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The Smurf movie is being panned by the critics.

photo by Columbia Pictures

photo by Columbia Pictures

One reviewer gave it a D+!  (And he wasn’t talking about Smurfette’s cup size!)

That’s a little harsh.

The Hollywood Reported called it “numbingly generic.”

E. Online’s reviewer said, “it’s the epitome of cynical studio cash grabs that it appears to be.”

I thought movies were supposed to make money?

And the cruelest cut of all comes from Alonso Duralde of The Wrapl. He calls “The Smurfs” “a film that does for children’s entertainment what lead paint does for children’s toys.”  He said that the kiddie flick is “too moronic and cringe-worthy for adults,” though kids may find Azrael the cat amusing.

Well, who doesn’t love a cat?

Uh, me!

I’ve not seen it, and I probably won’t go, but since Neil Patrick Harris is in it, it has to have some worth.  He’s hilarious. 

I’ll wait for video.

Plus, I’ve always had a thing for Smurfette!

Either way, it’ll make a boat load of cash.

Micahel Rechtshaffen who writes for the Hollywood Reporter said, that “Hollywood seems to have no intention of leaving any ’80s pop culture touchstone unturned.”

“What’s next?, he added,  “Where’s the Beef: the Movie”?

Ok, I think tha movie’s already been made, and I don’t think kids can get in to see it!

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