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My appologies to Clark Howard on using that one.

If you read me often enough, you know I love books.  Lots of books.

A customer suggested a book to me the other day, and while walking at Discover Mills, yes, I’m a mall walker, I stopped in at a book store to pick it UP.

Once I read it, I’ll let you know what I think.

I approached the clerk behind the counter and asked where said tome might be.

I don’t remember her name, but we’ll call her Byteecha.

Fingers flying on the keyboard, she said, “We don’t have that here, you have to order it from our website.”

Debit card in hand, I said, “Ok, please order me one.”

Her reply, “No, you have to order it.”

I am quite sure she was on the website, I had my debit card in hand, and was ready to buy.

But, alas, she couldn’t do that for me.

So, I drove home, and ordered it from Amazon.com.

Maybe it’s not just the kindle’s fault that book stores are going out of business.

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