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…three things about Bible School I really liked as a kid were the cookies, the Koolade, and Jesus.

Bible School

(* Picture of Kerrs Creek Baptist Church Bible School 1954 courtesy of Mrs. S. F. McKemy, Lexington, VA.  The author is second from the viewer’s right in the fourth row.  He has his head turned looking at his bossy sister who was probably telling him to look at the camera!)

But, alas…Bible School, along with everything else in our lives has changed.

I recently watched a video of a “Bible School Graduation Ceremony”.  (There was something else on there I wanted to see.)  I honestly think the video lasted longer than the Bible School did.

When I was a kid, and we all know that was along time ago, Bible School was two weeks long.  We went right from school school to Bible School.  It was fun.  We made crafts, learned Bible stories, learned about Jesus, and ate cookies and drank Koolade.

I loved the cookies and the Koolade…and Jesus, of course.  I think, at that time, I love the cookies most.

I do have a cookie problem.  I tried a 12 step program, but it just didn’t work.  My Higher Power told me that if Nancy Reagan could be a cookieaholic and still be that skinny, then I could eat all the cookies I wanted.

It was an addiction that started at an early age, probably at Bible School.

But, back to my point.

Bible School was TWO, count ’em, TWO weeks long.

Now, four hours.

That’s what I said folks, FOUR hours.  FOUR!

Are we that busy?  Are we that diet conscious? Or do we just not like Jesus any more?

I’m hoping it’s the busy thing…we can do something about that.

Bible School is a good memory! 

I loved it.

Apparently life is so busy that we no longer have time for some fun, religion, time with Jesus, and cookies.   Do we really need to be that busy?  Are there things in our lives that are just filling up time, keeping us on the go, when we could be doing something more important?  Like spending time with our families , or just not doing anything at all.  Shouldn’t we just enjoy life a little more and stress a little less?  Does everything have to be perferct?

My carpet’s not all that clean, my coupons aren’t all filed, and there’s still laundry to put away.  But I think my kids will tell you I spent time with them, went with them to church, and took them to Bible School.   All two weeks of it.

So, I’m thinkin’, maybe, just maybe, we could try Bible School for eight hours next year, you know, two Saturday mornings or something like that.  Slow life down a little.  Then the kids would be able to enjoy cookies, Koolade, and Jesus just a little longer.

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