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I’ve posted about the Remembering Germantown page on Facebook…bear with me…there’s more.

Jessica Sannin, aka Cookie Steinmetz for those of you who are totally out of the loop and not UP with the times, posted:

“I remember at the end of my senior year some of the boys came to school without wearing socks and they were told to go home and put some on or they would not get to attend graduation!?

Someone else, with whom I’m not accquainted, Michelle, responded:  “Over socks! What year was that? That’s crazy!”

And yes, Michelle, yes it was crazy.

The things people worried about and worry about today are really, very crazy.

In Junior High, it wasn’t called Middle School then, Nancy Back came to school with green bangs on St. Patrick’s day, and the JR High principal went ape-$&*%!

I got sent home for wearing bell-bottoms in the 8th grade, and the girls’ dresses had to, wait for it…REACH THEIR KNEES!  And, irony of all ironies, Mr. Batten told me my hair was too long!  In retrospect, quite the waste of time!

Boys had to have their shirts tucked in, every new fad was the work of Satan, and suspicious eyes looked at Beatle Boots as lethal weapons.

It was a dark time.

Seriously, very, very dark!

And guess what, there were no cel phones, when you wanted to call someone, you had to be at home and so did they!  There were three, count ’em three, TV channels, no internet, and the only computer we knew about took UP about 50 rooms of some secret building in some secret location that even Dick Cheney couldn’t find.

There was a war going on, and no one was happy about it.  Our President had been assassinated, people were marching in the streets, and every thing was changing.

Music, clothes, hair, make UP, you name it, it was new, “mod”, hip, and disturbting to administrations all over.

And it was AWESOME!

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