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You knew I couldn’t let it go by without comment.

HRH Prince William, heir presumtive to the Throne of Great Britain announced his engagement to Kate Middleton, a – gasp! – commoner.

Wills and Kate

I for one, think it’s about time the British Royal Family had some new blood.

Diana, Princess of Wales – and that’s the correct way to say it since she wasn’t born a princess, was “Lady” Diana Spencer before she made the grevious error of plighting her troth to William’s father, HRH Prince Charles, Prince of Wales.  Once married, she was called Princess Diana by the press, but the proper term, which was NEVER used would have been Princess Charles.

Women’s Lib has yet to reach the royal family, even though QEII runs the show.

But Diana was not a commoner.  She was part of the British aristocracy as her daddy was an Earl. 

Charles and Diana’s union was hardly a love match; it was a business deal, and one that went bad.  It ended in a nasty divorce when Charles went back to his once and future love, Camilla Parker-Bowles whom he should have married in the first place, and Diana had a fling with James Hewitt while still married to Charles.

Diana was nearly as royal as Charles, and much more British.  Charles’ father, Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh was a Greek Prince of German descent, and a descendant of Queen Victoria, who was as German as Kraut!  His mother, HRM, Queen Elizabeth II is the great-great-granddaughter of Victoria as well.

And you worry about the in-breeding in my family!

But, Diana was also a descendant of King Charles II through the bloodlines of four of his illegitimate sons.  He had a passel of bastards, and not one single solitary legitimate child.  His wife, the Spanish Infanta, Catherine of Braganza was “barren”.

Chuck II

Charles II was one horny dude, and had a bevy of babes around him all the time.  Some were even “actresses”, who were essentially prostitutes at the time.  Most notably, Nell Gwyn, one of Diana’s ancestors.

But, back to Kate.

Kate Middleton

She’s pretty, smart, and very hip!

I’m sure the royal watchers and true snobs are looking in every nook and crany, but no one has yet to come UP with a royal connection, or even an aristrocratic one.

And, alas, Kate Middleton isn’t the first commoner to marry an heir to the British throne. 

Prince James, future but brief King James II, was the son of King Charles I, younger brother of King Charles II, and the father of two Queens, Mary II (of William and Mary) and Queen Anne, the last of the Stuart monarchs.

But his wife, and the mother of Mary and Anne was Anne Hyde.

Anne Hyde

A commoner.

Oddly enough, when Anne Hyde married James, he too was the heir presumtive.   And from an historical perspective, she was a good wife, and a good businesswoman.  She kept James out of trouble financially, and according to Samuel Pepys, “led him by the nose in all things but his amorous adventures.”

James was a naught boy too.

His brother, Charles II said he was lead in love by his heart, and not his eyes.

Can we say, “Woof? ‘

Of course, Anne died tragically young at 34, and caused a bit of a scandal by becoming a Roman Catholic.  See, even though England had broken from Rome back in Henry VIII’s day, it remained decidedly Catholic, it just called it by a different name, Anglicanism, or “Catholic Lite”!

James, was routed from his throne by his Ungrateful Daughters (a great book by Maureen Waller), Mary and Anne in the Glorious Revolution of 1688, since he “turned” Catholic as well.

Mary and Anne!

Has any one taken a close look at the Archbishop of Canterbury?

The Non Pope, Pope!

Kate Middleton is a college educated modern woman.  She has a job, she’s an accessories buyer with Jigsaw,  a clothing chain, and she’s already made several best dressed lists.

O% Body Fat!

I can see why!

We might just have Diana II when it comes to fashion.

Either way, she will bring new blood and new life to a dusty dowdy dynasty.  She might just save it from destruction. 

It’s about time.

Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that they don’t screw her UP like they did Diana.

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