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…it is October after-all, and Halloween is right around the corner, but I never thought I’d be haunted by my own words.

Apparently, I express myself  too much!

I was recently displaced from my job.  Not the end of the world, but a blow nonetheless.  It’s working out.  I have another part time job, and the school where I was employed calls me almost every day to sub in the department where I worked before.  So, it’s all good. 

Except, it isn’t.

It’s different.

I’m not sure I like it.

Well, it’s just different.  I don’t get to help people as much as I did in the old role, and now it seems like I’m just filling a spot.  Punching a ticket, and just “eye candy”. 

Let me dream!

But…to the point of this rant post.

My best friend at work, some would say my “work spouse”, and I were discussing my new situation.  I was apparently whining a tad too much, when she said:

“You should take your own advice.  Let it go.”

Say whaaaaaaaat?

My response was, “I said that?”

Her, “Often.”

Me, “Really?”

Her, “Yes, that’s what you tell me every day.”

Me, “Gotta go, class is starting.”

So, I got to thinkin’…and we all know that’s dangerous…should I talk less and blog more?   Should I just listen and not offer advice?  Should I change my advice?

Nah…I’m good…but, I think I’m gonna let it go.

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