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If I hear one more person say they are being sponsored for BlogHer or any other blogging conference, I’ll scream!

Really, I feel like Cinderella staying home from the ball, cleaning the hearth, talking to the birds, ruining a good manicure.

And all because I’m missing one little thing.

A vagina.

That’s right, what the heck, I tweeted / blogged / bragged about my new bitchin’ new duds from Banana Republic.  I touted about Target, I’ve waxed eloquent about Waffle House, hell, I even shaved things I’ve never shaved before just to get some internet cred.

And we all know, that I KNOW fashion!!!

But, nooooooooooooooo.

Do I have a sponsor?

Again, No!

So, I’m not a Mom, I’m still a blogger, and I get a few hits each month.  I have faithful readers like Lori, and Jana B, and Linda, and Jenny, and my sisters.

They all shop!

And on top of that I drive a Jeep, but did anyone wrap my ass in a Wrangler so I could go on vacation, when everyone knows I need a four wheel drive?

Again.  NO!

Frankly, I hope you all have to sit with the ugly step-bloggers!

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