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I didn’t send Christmas cards last year.

I sent a Christmas letter.

I swore for years I’d never do that.

But for two reasons I did.

We kinda have to go back to the beginning.

1977…was the first year we sent Christmas Cards as a family.  We were newly weds, thought we had to do the traditional thing, and away we, and the cards went.


Every year for over 30 years, I sat down on Thanksgiving Day and filled out my Christmas cards.  I usually mailed them the next week.

Sometimes it was over a hundred, but over the years, it dwindled.  Some people died, so no reason to send a card and all, some faded away, divorced, stopped sending cards to us, and all that.

Last year…this is reason number one…I was not at home on Thanksgiving Day.  And quite frankly, I didn’t even think of Christmas Cards that day.  We were in Virginina with my brother and his family.  Christmas Cards were the last thing on my mind.

But, when the cards started coming in, the guilt crept flooded in.

Then, reason number two for the “letter”, I got the annual Christmas Letter from my Nephew Charles and his wife Elizabeth.  I’m quite sure Charles has little or no input into that letter.  He takes the high road, the wiser path, and lets Elizabeth do her thing.

And she does it quite well.  Her letters are pithy, to the point, interesting, and full of information.  She could start a business doing it.

So, “Why not?”, thought I.

But it was too late, they’d never get there in time, and when you put my year on paper, it’s pretty lame most of the time.

But, I did it any way.

In January.

So, if you don’t get a card this Christmas, don’t let it ruin your holiday season.

I might get around to it.



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