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OK, I’m a dog person.

I’m not a cat person.

But, I have a cat.

Because I have a daughter.

Who has a cat.

Who also has a roommate.

Who is allergic to cats.

Ergo, I have a cat.

Her name’s Stella.

Stella Longing for the outside

I did not want her.

I did not ask for her.

I even said, “NO!” when asked if I’d take her.

But, I have a cat.

Stella actually belongs to Jessica, Shelby’s old roommate who is in Haiti ‘doing good’ for the next few months.  Shelby, not wanting to live alone and wanting someone to share expenses got a new roommate when Jessica left.  The cat had to go. 

Jessica’s parents took her for a while, but Stella doesn’t play well with others, runs with scissors,  talks out of turn, and was asked to leave.

After repeated ‘Nos’ from me, which never work with Shelby, I came home to have Stella greet me at the door.

I expect Blanche and Stanley any day now!

And, as cats go, she’s pretty cool.  And, other than the fact that she’s taken the shrine to the decorator living room as her own, she’s no trouble.

She likes to be petted, just like a dog.

She likes to lay in the sun, just like a dog.

She likes to be with people, just like a dog.

Stella on the table top

Ok, I have a dog.

Like I said, I’m a dog person.

But,  I’m still waiting for a “cat support” check!

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