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The Last Dragon…

…I promise!

Let’s finish the year off on an arty note!

Gelsey Kirkland turns 60 today…no, it’s not the guy in Fraiser!

It’s this gal…

Gelsey Kirkland


She was George Balannchine’s baby ballerina, and wrote a book about her struggles to become one of the most renowned ballerinas of our time.

Happy Birthday fellow Dragon. I’m so glad it was someone classy!


Bill Kristol, neo-conservative and Fox News talking head turns 60 today.  He was almost a Christmas baby, which would have mattered little, since he’s Jewish.

Bill Kristol


He’s the editor of The Weekly Standard, which was established when the Republicans took control of both houses in 1994.

He was an adviser to VP Dan Quayle, and was dubbed “Dan Quayle’s Brain.”

I’ll stop at that, and say Happy Birthday fellow dragon. Here’s to 60!

Who’s Sixty?

Laurie Partridge!

Now, don’t you feel old?

Really, she doesn’t look too bad for 60.  Her birthday is Monday, December 10.

Of course we all remember Susan Dey as Laurie Partridge, the hot daughter of Shirley Jones in 1970s sit-com.

Based very loosely on a real family named the Cowsills, the Partridge Family provided us with music, entertainment and laughter for four years.

Of course, little Laurie grew UP and became a lawyer on LA Law a decade and a half later.

She was pretty good in that too.

So, happy birthday to a fellow Dragon.

Still sexy at 60, just like the rest of us.

Who’s Sixty…

…this week.  Lorna Luft.

She’s Liza Minelli’s little sister.

Didn’t know Liza had a sister?  Well, she’s got a brother too, his name’s Joey…but he’s not 60, so he doesn’t count.

Lorna Luft is the daughter of Judy Garland and Sid Luft.  Garland, singer, actor, drug addict, and icon took Luft, a Hollywood producer and businessman as her third husband.

Lorna is an actress, singer, and author.  She wrote Me And My Shadows, A Family Memoir.  The book was adapted into an Emmy winning Television mini-series.

She’s done TV, Broadway, and movies.

So, happy birthday to a fellow Dragon.  She’ll be 60 on Wednesday.