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Some Of This May Be Fake News

Always a dreamer, lost in his own thoughts, and losing items from time to time, he was bullied as a child and the kids at school tauntingly chanted, “You couldn’t find your ass with both hands!”


William Herschel was born in the Electorate of Hanover (Germany) and was a noted British astronomer and composer.

A dreamy child, the stars inspired his music.

He went into the military band of Hanover at the age of 15 following his father’s lead, and migrated to Great Britain at the age of 19.

Crazy for astronomy, he constructed a telescope, his first, in 1774.  Then he spent the next nine years searching the sky to investigate double stars.

OK, I had no idea there were double stars!

The resolving power of his scopes revealed that certain nebulae were actually clusters of stars.  This so excited him, he published catalogues of nebulae in 1802.

Best seller?

Ah, no.

But, back on March 13, 1781, he realized that one celestial body was not a star, but was a planet.

It was the first planet discovered since the first eight were figured out back in the Roman/Greek/Persian times.

William was super excited.

And became super famous.

He was the astronomer to the King of England and employed his sister, Catherine, as his assistant affording her opportunities women rarely had in the 18th Century.

A pretty smart guy, he pioneered spectrophotometry which used prisms and temperature to measure wavelength of stars.  He figured out the rotation period of Mars, which had been stumping folks since Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon, he discovered that the polar caps on Mars vary with the seasons, discovered moons of Saturn, and discovered infrared radiation.

All this was build UP to his March 13, 1781 discovery; the coup de grace for the old boy.

When they taunted him with“You couldn’t find your ass with both hands!”, he said, “Yeah, but I found Uranus!”


*yes, yes, I know Uranus has been demoted.  But don’t tell William!

Speaking Of Inappropriate…

…Halloween’s just around the corner…


…got your costume ready?

Memphis, Tennessee was all a buzz this past weekend when HRHs Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and his younger, Duke of nothing, brother, Prince Harry visited the estate of the King.

Think about it, there’s been no King back home in the UK for all their lives.  Granny’s the Queen you know.

The Royals spent a couple of hours touring the estate of the King of Rock and Roll while in Memphis for the wedding of a buddy in which both served as groomsmen.

The estate was purchased by Presley in 1957.  He gave his folks a budget of $100,000 and told them to find a “farmhouse” type place for the growing family to call home.

The house, built in the late 30s or early 40s by Memphis businessman S.C. Toof, a printer, was named for his daughter Grace.


Who knew?

The facade is Greek Revival-ish, and is really quite nice.


Once Elvis and the Presley clan took over, some modifications were made and a bit of redecorating was done.

The King added some gates to keep the screaming sex crazed loonies fans out.

Tacky 4

He gussied UP the bedrooms…

Tacky 3

…added a play room, called “The Jungle Room”…

Tacky 2

…and of course he died there…on the crapper!

His decor choices have remained, kept holy by his ex-wife, Priscilla and his daughter, Lisa Marie.  I mean, really, who wants to mess with family tradition?

Tacky 1

The buzz on the street is that the Princes had a “wonderful tour” while mixing in with the locals.

Let’s just hope the boys don’t take any of the decor tips back to Buckingham!


…it starts like this…

(send the kids from the room, and prepare to LYAO!)

…now, click HERE!

Enjoy your coffee!