Well, it’s the last day of 2012, and I know you’d just die if I didn’t do my annual wrap UP.

I’ll wait for the sighing to stop!

January started out with me whining about the fat rascals at the gym, there was Tebow talk, I went to a different place for breakfast for once.  The world did not end.

And as usual, I blathered on about things that looking back are momentary, temporary, and trivial, but I did give some good advice, which I might add went unheeded when Emily bought that dog.


But, that’s what this site is all about, taking a break, having a laugh, getting riled UP, and starting a blogtroversy.

Meanwhile, there was actual news in the world!  Who knew?

The big news in January was the EU’s decision to start an embargo against Iran due to their quest for enriched uranium.

boycott iran

I did not post about that.  This ain’t the New York Times!

Early in the year, I realized that it was the year of the Dragon, I’d be turning the big 6 0, and it gave me a new trail to try.  I blathered monthly about folks who were born the same year as I, and things that happened in 1952!


February was the usual month of love, which quite frankly is one of my favorite things to do.  There’s just so much gossip in history, I love to dig it UP.  I did cross the line by quoting from that horny little Frenchman, Napoleon’s, love letters to Josephine.  A family member or two swooned!

I talked about Frank and Mia too!

Farnk and Mia

In the real world, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, celebrated the 60th anniversary of her ascension to the throne. I realized that I’ve lived through 11 Presidents but only one Queen!  (Elton John not included.)

Party time


They didn’t have the party until June, after all the whole world was on its way there for the Olympics.

The shit hit the fan in Greece when the debt crisis arose.  The Arab Spring continued to be the Arab Year, dashing hopes of democracy when one dictator replaced another.  I stayed away from it because, my political views on the Arab World’s view of democracy would probably start World War III.  And, again, not the Times.

war in greece


We lost Ann in March, and even though saddened by that, I was UPlifted by the response of her friends and church family to our loss.

Mt Zion

I spent some time in NC with Judy, helping to get things settled.   And I found a lot of neat stuff!

I talked about Ohio a lot, Jan was happy when I stopped.  But my memories were full and there were things on my mind.  I talked about Pollyanna Avenue too!


Out in the real world, The Encyclopedia Britannica went paperless!

April, I chimed in on the War On Women and got a butt load of comments.  I like that!

Out in the real world, the North Korean’s launched a rocket in their quest for military power.  It was a dud and exploded in flight.  They were not deterred, and would try again later on.

May, Desperate Housewives went off the air.  ‘Nuff said!



And the debut of Facebook stock was a bit of a let down.

June, well, there was the car wreck, Mother was hurt and needed help, so we headed UP 75 to G-town, and spent two weeks FMLAing it with her.

Oh, and I turned sixty!


On the road.

On the way home.

Happy birthday me!  Yeah.

At least I got to eat at Frisch’s!  And my sister did a great guest post!

In the real world, the transit of Venus happened, and the astro-nerd community was just having a field day!


July brought the political conventions, and the onset of the ‘real’ campaign.  I read and reviewed Fifty Shades, You all went and bought it anyway!


The Summer Olympics were on, the Queen dropped in with James Bond, and Gabby Douglas kicked some serious gymnastic butt, and made America proud.


August brought us the bionic eye, more Arab “late” Spring, more discord, war, disharmony, and terrorism.


I on the other hand talked about such things as, what I read, getting over anger and embracing forgiveness, my new washing machine and my new coffee maker.

Serious stuff here!

Somewhere along the way Lance Armstrong fell from grace and broke the hearts of cyclists every where!

September, well the campaign heated UP.  Canada cut ties with Iran.  And four of our diplomats were murdered by terrorists in Libya.  There were stories, mis-statements galore, egg on face interviews, no one wanted to take the blame…

Act of Terror

…and when they tried to throw Hilary under the bus, she stood UP to them.  Go girl, go!


In September, I finally made Lori happy with a post about Canton’s favorite son, William McKinley.  I was at last, “off the hook”!

McKinley Stamp

October brought us a skydiver breaking the sound barrier, which was just about the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

Handout photo of life support engineer Mike Todd of the U.S. and pilot Felix Baumgartner of Austria celebrating after Baumgartner successfully completed the final manned flight for Red Bull Stratos in Roswell

I, at this site, whined about the undecided voter, early voting, voter identification, voting in general, the campaign, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Oh, yes, no one got my Rich Republican post, which broke my heart a little.

November.  Election time.  It was at last over.  Half the country was ticked off the next morning, President Obama was re-elected, Romney was surprised, I was not.

Out of it

I posted about everything from making fudge to going to Vegas to Liz and Dick being desecrated by that poorly scripted Lifetime movie!  Vegas was fun, the movie sucked, and the fudge was Awesome.

MGM Grand at night.

Oh, I also talked about the over use of the word Awesome!

It was Awesome.

I also got a new job at that place where I work, but I haven’t talked about it yet, even though it’s Awesome too!

December found me in a pre-holiday funk as my kids announced they would not be able to come home for Christmas.  So, I made more fudge, candy, cheese balls, put UP two trees, listened to Manheim Steamroller, and played the piano.

Bell and Balls

It helped a little.

Then the horror of Sandy Hook happened, the nation was stunned.  Not just at the horror of the situation, but at the audacity of the politicians and pundits to push their views one way or the other on a grieving nation.

It was shameless.

I talked about my trees, my friends, my food,  my family, the fact that the TSA is the tool of Satan and attends the First Church of What’s A Constitution?

oh no you don't

I whined about not getting the cake plate for Christmas.  I talked about Christmas too.

There were AOTWs galore, many people turned 60, and I remembered a lot from my Germantownian Childhood.

There was no world peace,


the Middle East blew UP when Hamas attacked Israel and Israel shot back,

Hamas attacking Israel

…and of course, the media got it wrong, and blamed Israel.

And just like the media, the Mayans were wrong, the world didn’t end on 12/21/12.

It was a year, it didn’t drag-on as so many do…it flew by, and was UP in no time.  All the years these days seem to zip right by.

We’ll never have another year like it in our lifetimes, that 12/12/12 thing only come around once every hundred years.

Good, bad, ugly, it’s one for the record books.  We made it through when so many did not.

I hope your memories of 2012 are great and I made you smile, laugh, think, grumble, and whine while reading me.

Thanks for sticking with me.

I’m not giving UP

Happy New Year!