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Wordless Wednesday

Thomas Edison once said,

“The best thinking has been done in solitude. The worst has been done in turmoil.” then he added, “What you are will show in what you do.”

We can learn from this…

Nothing Left Unsaid…

If you missed it, well, you really missed it.

Anderson Cooper’s  Nothing Left Unsaid aired this past Friday evening, and it is just about the best thing that’s been on TV in years.

photo credit: Entertainment Weekly

photo credit: Entertainment Weekly

The two hour documentary focuses on the life of his artist – celebrity – actress – mother Gloria Vanderbilt, and it is terrific.

You can probably find it through on demand or Netflix, and you should try.

Cooper’s thinking behind profiling his famous mother came from the realization that for as famous as she was, he knew far less about her than he should.  And, at the age of 92 – her, not him – he realized that time was running out and there would be fewer and fewer chances to talk, to ask, to learn.

He’s fortunate that he still has her and that he took the time to investigate her life.

Sure, sure, much of it is in the archives; we all know the story of Little Gloria, the poor little rich girl who was the subject of one of the most outrageous custody battles of the 20th Century.  But, Anderson didn’t know the things he wanted and needed to know, so he decided to find out.

He said he wanted nothing left unsaid between them and he set out to do it.

I am fortunate, when my mother passed two days before Valentines’ Day in 2015, there was nothing of significance left unsaid between us.


But still, there are things she knew that I’ll never know.  Things I forgot to ask – family things, her memories, things about her mother and father, her childhood.

Oh, she told us a lot, but still, I know there had to be some gems we’d have loved to hear.

But, there were no secrets, no lies, nothing remaining to resolve.  She knew me before I knew me.

On this Monday before Mother’s Day, if you can, make it your goal to have nothing left unsaid.

Take My Advice…

…well, actually it’s Cheryl Richardon’s advice…

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A recent study found that women who carry a little extra weight live longer than the men who mention    it.

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