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Danger: Opinion Ahead

You may want to look away.  I’m medicated, messed UP, and mad!

And before I go further, really, the twitter thing needs to stop, it won’t but it needs to.

The President started a twitter war with Snoop Dogg.

Which is ridiculous.

Snoop don’t care!

His fight with Snoop was bad enough, but of course got worse when  his “nephew”, Lil Bow Wow chimed in with this.

““Ayo @realDonaldTrump shut your punk a*s up talking sh*t about my uncle@SnoopDogg before we pimp your wife and make her work for us.”

He essentially threatened to enslave her sexually.

What?  Has he joined ISIS?

Melania Trump deserves the same respect as any other First Lady, and threatening her in such a way is despicable if not felonious.

It’s since been deleted.

My question is where’s the outrage?

No one is talking about this.

Where’s Madonna, Whoopi, Cher, and where in the world is Samantha Bee? Where’s Meryl?

If this had been any FLOTUS from Mamie to Michelle, the women’s movement would be on this like Oprah on a Honey Baked ham!

But, alas, there’s not one pink hat in sight!

Yes, I know, you can pick your battles, but the battles you pick reveal the real you.


And don’t start with me on “she posed nude,” that doesn’t play into it., it makes her a model, not a hooker, and if it makes her a hooker, well, Madonna, Cindy Crawford,

And, you might want to check your own cel phone before you start that stuff!


“My choices in life were either to be a piano player in a whore house or a politician. And to tell the truth, there’s hardly any difference!”  President Harry Truman


Through The Years

Much has been made this week about the bromance between The Donald and Vlad the Putin.

I condone neither of them; I only have this to add.






w and thug friends



This is one of those controversies I promised.

I started a s#!%storm on FB Friday when I responded to a poll that asked, “Who won the debate?” with the simple one word answer, “Hillary!”

Seriously, it was not well received at all!

But, you know, the Democrats DID win the Republican debate!

I watched in horror Thursday night as four “grown men” who want to be the leader of the free world “debated” one another. It.was.a.trainwreck.

Actually, it was a little like an 8th grade sock hop.  Seems all the boys were trying to get to dance with the girl with the most Kleenex in her bra.

Everyone was posturing. Posing, preening, pathetic!

Now, I’m really not that political, but I do know common sense and decency when I see it, and quite frankly, I DIDN’T SEE ANY!!!  While the world goes UP in flames, these asshats talk about “hand size”, con-men, and play the liar liar pants on fire game.  They bloviated about what they would do if – Heaven forbid – they get elected.

Here’s a thought, they can’t do anything by themselves.  Balance of powers, remember?

It takes a government to govern; executive, legislative, judicial, all that stuff.  Claiming to build a wall, or fix this or that, doesn’t make it happen.

They have to work together.

And no one wants to.

And…what’s with Mitt Romney?  Please put him back in the crypt.

He lost, he blew it, he screwed UP.  What’s he doing?  Posing for a re-run? Please say no!

Go away.  Just go away.

And what about that pledge they all signed?  Win or lose, I’ll support the party’s nominee?  Was that real?

At the onset, when Trump announced, no one at the RNC HQ thought he had a snowball’s chance in hell of getting the nomination.  So, they all, simply to avoid him pulling a Perot and making a third party run, signed on saying THEY would support the nominee.

As Trump gained momentum, rallied support, and started to garner delegates, they – the folks at the RNC – all started to freak out.  Leaks about a brokered convention sprang out.  The party faithful started working on a back door plan.  Party leaders claimed they would not support him!

Well, here’s what’s gonna’ happen.  If Trump shows UP in Cleveland without the 1200+ delegates he needs but is close and they take it away from him, it will destroy the Republican Party.  And worse yet, it might destroy the two party system.

It would take decades to rebuild a party.  We’d wind UP like Greece or Spain where there’s never a majority but a plurality and they can’t get anything done.

You think there’s gridlock in DC now?

Just wait.

Now, having rambled on and on, I’ll end with this.  The men on the stage Thursday night embarrassed themselves, the party, and the nation.

Frankly, I fear for our nation.

they all suck

This is not an endorsement of any candidate.

They all suck!