ABC reporter Nate Forrest tried to catch up with ESPN commentator Robert Lee today as he exited the Albemarle County courthouse.

Lee was reassigned recently to other venues and away from Charlottesville’s UVA sports program where he had been a commentator.

Lee was at the courthouse allegedly in the process of changing his name. Lee was quoted as saying “Having a name like Robert Lee back home in China is no big deal, there are good Lees and bad Lees, and there are a lot of them; nobody pays much attention.”

He went on to add, “But here in United States all the Lees are bad; so I thought I would change my name to something a little less offensive to anyone.”

“You know like someone who wasn’t a decorated US Army officer for 30 years before the Civil War, or someone who didn’t save the city of St. Louis from flooding with his engineering prowess, or someone who wasn’t a hero in the Mexican war.”

“I want to choose a name of someone obscure, someone no one knows, and not someone who spent the last five years of his life educating young men and helping them to become lawyers, engineers, teachers, and the like.”

Yes, it seems the commentator formerly known as Robert Lee has decided to change his name to one that is less offensive and less well-known.

A source at the Albemarle Courthouse tells us Jackson Beauregard Jong Un is at the top of the list.