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Just Desserts

Remember a white back when I posted about a friend of mine who made wine truffles?

Well, she brought them to our 45th HS reunion along with a whole bunch of great desserts.

Kathy Crossley lives in Travers City, Michigan and is a dessert caterer.

Kathy Short Crossley

In reality, she’s a dessert whisperer.

The name of her business is Abby Truffles, and you can reach her via email or by calling 231-590-9834.

Her desserts are amazing.

Here are a few.

Kathy's Cup Cakes 2

Chocolate cupcakes with White Chocolate Frosting.

Kathy's Cup Cakes 3

More Cupcakes – I didn’t try everything!

Kathy's coconut lemon cake

Coconut Lemon Cake

Kathy's Lemon Drops

Lemon blossoms  – these are awesome, and frankly, I wish Id taken some home.

Kathy's Wine Truffles

Wine Truffles made with local wines from Michigan.

Kathy's Cheese Cakes

Cheese Cakes – there were several toppings.

Kathy's Dark Chocolate Brownies

Dark Chocolate Brownies with, salted carmel and dried cherries soaked in Kirsh liqueur.  Criminal!

Kathy's Cup Cakes 1

More cupcakes…

Kathy's Chocolate Cup Cakes

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Cupcakes!

There was a chocolate ganache cake, but I didn’t get a piece, nor a picture…wonder why?

But, don’t feel for me, I’m sure I had quite enough!

Kathy’s addition helped to make an already great event even more so!

If you’re in the Traverse City area, and need some sweets, give her a call.

Throwback is what the past weekend really was.

Some threw back more than others…but, I digress.

Sure, we caught UP, and we did throw back, remembering a few things we wanted to and more that we didn’t, but in reality, we had a great opportunity to learn about the lives of our former classmates.

Time, work, and life have scattered many of us.  There were folks from Texas, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, and as far away as Wales in the UK at the reunion.

I’ll have to admit over the last 45 years some folks had drifted from my view.  It was nice to see them come back in.

In the tiny town of Germantown, often times we think we know how folks will turn out.  But, we don’t. There were some surprises.

We had doctors, lawyers, bankers, plumbers, teachers, nurses, business owners, and professionals.  There were folks there from all walks of life.

Class of 1970 at the 45th Reunion August 15 2015

But the real story of the group didn’t revolve around what people did all their lives but how they coped with things that got in the way.

There were those who’d lost spouses and those who’d lost children, those who’d battled cancer and won, and those who still fight on.

And of course, there were some who’d lost some battles, far too many it seemed.

I was, however, amazed at the resiliency of our crew. And I was impressed.

They stood tall, they pressed on, and they survived.

As I moved around the room and listened – I do that once in a while –  I remembered an adage I have at my desk, “Everyone is in a battle of which you know nothing; be kind.”

I was glad I was there to celebrate their successes, share in their joys, and stand in awe of their survival.

When we became the Valley View Spartans back in the day, I thought little about the Greek army so many others feared.

But now, after learning about my friends and the battles they’ve fought and won, I know.

We were Spartans, and we always will be.


It Only Takes A Spark…

When I arrived at the Dayton Airport last Friday, I breezed my way to baggage claim, found my CarMax blue bag in a flash and dashed on over to Dollar Rent A Car where I had a prepaid via Travelocity transport waiting.

Or so I thought.

When it got there, it was like the scene from The Outoftowners with Goldie Hawn and Steve Martin.

We have cars

You may remember it, they get to the car rental place, the sign says We Have Cars, but they don’t.

Well, it was deja vu all over again!

The Dollarette behind the counter told me it would be 2 to 3 hours before they had cars, and if I’d take a seat, they’d call my cel number.

To quote the late Whitney Houston, “Oh, hell no!”

As I pondered what to do, knowing full well I didn’t have two to three hours, the Enterprise girl looked alluringly at me so I dashed over, and asked what she could offer me that the Dollarette couldn’t.

She had a car.

Well, half a car.

I let her abuse my Visa card, called Travelocity for a refund from the Dollar people, and followed the yellow line to the rental car place…honestly, the Dayton airport isn’t that big, I could see the rental cars from the door…and arrived where Brandon greeted me and walked me to my Valley View Blue Chevy Spark!


I said, “Where’s the rest of it?”.

To which he replied, “Hey, it’s a four door.”

Well, that made all the difference in the world.

Not having time to argue, friends and family were awaitin’, I signed the paper work, threw the luggage into the “back seat”, and drove off.

Oddly enough, the carette was roomy on the inside.

Inside the spark

Interstate driving was, what’s the word, terrifying, yeah, that’s it, and I got more than my share of stares. The smooth ride of a Chevrolet was not present.

But, A. it did the trick.

B. it got 38.4 miles per gallon.

And, after-all, it got me to the Fish on time!

Oh, and it was easy to park!

The Way We Were…

…or more correctly, the way it was.

We graduated in 1970, 45 years ago!

It seems like yesterday, but guess what gang, it’s not!

A lot of s#!% has gone down in the last 45 years.

But first, a few things that happened the year we graduated.

The Supremes split UP.  I mention this not only because it happened early in the year, but because I was devastated.

Mick Jagger got busted for pot.

The first Heavy Metal album was released, Black Sabbath’s debut.

Earth Day was born in San Francisco.

Nixon signed the law banning cigarette ads from Television early in the year and created the EPA in December.

AMC introduced the Gremlin.


There were only 203,392,031 US residents then.

The Beatles broke UP in April.

There were Four Dead In Ohio, when the Kent State shooting occurred.

Four Dead In Ohio

Riverfront Stadium opened in Cincinnati.

River Front

In September, we were given the Vega and the Pinto by Detroit.  Er, no thanks!

Georgia and California elected governors who would become Presidents:  Carter and Reagan.

Southern Airways Flight 932 crashed in Wayne County, WVA killing all 75 aboard.  37 players and 5 coaches from Marshall University were on board.

Divorce became legal in Italy.

We lost Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and Charles de Gaulle.


From the “we could be their dad” category, Mariah Carey, Vince Vaughn, Will Arnett, Tina Fey, Matt Damon, Kirk Cameron, and Texan Ted Cruz were all born that year.

Carey Vaughn Arnetttina FeyDamonCameron   Cruz


But, the big thing is , we were graduated after twelve seemingly long years and unceremoniously shoved out into a world with no internet, no cell phones, and no cable.

How did we do it?

For some, there was Viet Nam.  For all, there was plenty of shag carpet, leisure suits, and  disco around the corner.  And of course, there was Future Shock.

No literally, it was published that year by Alvin Toffler.

As I sit here trying to decide if that’s ironic or serendipitous, I’m just glad that so many of us are still around to meet this weekend and I.Can’t.Wait!

Florentine Hotel Germantown Ohio

See you tonight at the Fish and tomorrow at the Aerie.


Oh, and my apologies to Babs.