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ET Phone Home!

Today is Extraterrestrial Abductions Day.

Yeah, I was surprised too.

There really is a day for this which proves to me that we are desperate for reasons to party!

A relatively new holiday, it origins are unclear, but I’m sure weed, peyote, and gin were involved.

It stems from a 2008 Toronto celebration called Alien Abduction Day.

Oh Canada!

Seems Alien is a non-PC word, so Extraterrestrial it is!

The celebration can take many forms, but don’t look for any marches or pink hats.

Tin foil maybe, pink no.

Folks generally sit out in the yard waiting and wishing to be abducted by aliens.

Hey, it’s a reason to party, and it’s Monday, so bring on the tin foil and phone home ET!

Today is my 2,500th post, I know, I know, it should have been more monumental.

Have a great Monday.

Wearin’ O’ The Green

Have a great St. Patrick’s Day!

You don’t have to be Irish to have a good time, but it helps!


The Big 1-0

Tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of Data Privacy Day.

I mean, you know, if you’re looking for a reason to party.

Shockingly, it wasn’t created by the Democratic National Convention and John Podesta, but you’d think they might have, right?

Seriously though, it’s a real thing.  Data Privacy Day is an educational initiative which was originally focused on raising awareness at a business and local user level of the importance of protecting the privacy of personal information on line and the information collected and kept by businesses.

Learning institutions as well as businesses denote the day with celebrations (I am not making this UP) and collaborations between academia, industry, nonprofits, governments, and privacy professionals.

So, lock UP your software, data, and change your dog’s name, or at least your password.

Have a great Data Privacy Day.

It’s a reason to party, stop whining!

Oh, BTW, Vlad the Putin doesn’t celebrate this one!

On January 6, most of the Hispanic world celebrates El Dia De Reyes.  The rest of the world refers to it as the Epiphany.

And it translates as Day of the Three Kings.

…no, not them…

…these three kings…

It’s the last Christian Christmas Celebration of the season.

It is a day set aside for remembering the arrival of Three Wise Men who followed the star to Bethlehem.  Upon arrival, they presented the young child, Jesus with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Biblical historians tell us that by the time the “3” wise men got to Bethlehem Jesus was about 2 years old.

They, unlike the shepherds, visited the tiny Savior in a house, not a stable or cave

They of course stopped along the way and unlike most men, asked for directions.  The dude they asked was Herod, King of Judea who went ape when they told him they were there to see the baby king of the Jews.  Herod issued a decree that all male children under the age of two were to be slaughtered causing Joseph and Mary to take Jesus and head for Egypt.

The holiday honors the effort and worship of the three kings, or more likely, Magi, and there were probably hundreds of them.  We go with three because they brought three gifts.  It’s one of the things the Bible leaves us guessing about.

But what we need to know is there.  They were there to worship the Savior of the world.

During the holiday in Mexican culture, Rosca de Reyes is served.  Rosca is wreath and reyes is kings, so it’s literally a king’s wreath shaped cake.

There’s a small doll inside representing the baby Jesus.  The cake is crown shaped and the doll is hidden to remind us that Jesus had to hide from Herod’s murderous thugs.

The cake is covered with dried and candied fruits and the person who winds UP with the doll has to host another part on the Dia de la Candelaria, which is in February.

You’ll have to wait ‘til then.

Down Mexico way, Christmas might be over, but the gift giving isn’t.

Children in Latin America and Spain receive the majority of the gifts from The Three Kings instead of Santa.

Before going to bed, kids place their old shoes with a wish list at the foot of their beds.  In the morning, the shoes are filled with toys and gifts from the Three Kings.

The Epiphany is celebrated in different ways by Christians worldwide.

Here’s to a happy Epiphany, the holidays are over, now haul that tree out!