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That’s right, today is World Turtle Day.  It’s a real thing folks, and is sponsored by the American Tortoise Rescue.

Don’t let the name fool you, turtles and tortoises worldwide get cred today.

The special day is designed to bring attention to and increase knowledge of and respect for turtles, tortoises and to encourage human action to help them survive.

In other words, share the planet.

Folks celebrate around the world by  – I’m not kidding – dressing UP as turtles or wearing green dresses.

Some save turtles caught on highways, and some teachers dedicate the day to learning about the little critters.

The relatively new celebration began in 1990 when the American Tortoise Rescue decided to make folks more aware of the friendly reptiles.

That’s right, they are reptiles.  Turtles are known for their hard shells which protect them, but in reality along with the upper shell, called a carapace, they have a lower shell called a plastron.

I missed that in Biology class.

The largest turtles are the leatherback sea turtles who can weigh UP to 2,000 pounds!

In some turtle species the temperature determines the gender of the turtle while in the egg!  Lower temperatures lead to males while higher temps bring on females.


Some turtles lay eggs in the sand and split, leaving the eggs to hatch on their own and make it back to the ocean.

Mom of the Year!

Sea turtles have special gland which remove salt from the water they drink.  Now that’s a filter!

And, last but not least, many are endangered, so be careful out there!

Happy World Turtle Day!

Woof, Woof!

Today is the 140th birthday of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

We never miss it.

Always held in New York City since 1877, the show is a “benched” show.  The dogs are required to be on display in an assigned location or bench for the entire show.

Well, expect when they are bouncing around the arena, getting their hair and nails done, or out in the elimination area.

There are nearly 3,000 dogs in the show, and judging takes two whole days!

We only see the highlights and the winners on TV.

And frankly, I’m not sure I could do two days of dogs.

Although, dogs are good.

I like dogs.

The only other sporting event that has a longer track record is the Kentucky Derby.

May, it’s a month for the records.

So, if you’re looking for a reason to celebrate, a dog’s life will do it!

This year, Rumor has it.

No, Rumor really has it.

The winner’s name was Rumor.

Happy Monday!

International Dance Day

Today is International Dance Day!  It’s a United Nations thing, and is “observed” by all member nations.


Everybody dance now!

Happy Ed Balls Day!

It’s Friday and you may be desperate for a reason to party!

Fear not friends, that’s what I’m here for!

Across the Pond, back in the Mother Country, in Merrie Olde England, it’s Ed Balls Day!


“What did Ed Balls do that was so special he gets his own day?” you ask.

Well, not much really, it was all a simple mistake.

More on that later.

Edward Michael Balls turned 50 this past February, and one might think Ed Balls day would appear on his birthday.

But, no.

He’s a British Labour Party politician who was a Member of Parliament until he was defeated.

That’s not the reason either.

He’s a patron of the British Stammering Association and has admitted that at times and like King George VI before him, he’s had trouble with his speech.

Nope, not that!

He paid a fine for running a red light, he’s admitted to speeding, and he has fessed UP to using his mobile phone while motoring.

He also paid a fine for not stopping after a car accident.

See, aren’t the Brits so polite.

We call that hit and run here in the States, but in the Mother land it’s “not stopping.”

But none of those caused the United Kingdom to celebrate!

April 28, 2011, as a new Twitter user, he was searching the app for a recent tweet about himself and entered Ed Balls into the wrong area and sent a tweet that said simply “Ed Balls.”

The tweet was re-tweeted by thousands, went viral, and the day became Ed Balls Day.

So now, it’s a reason to party!  People bake cakes, send tweets wishing one other a happy Ed Balls Day, stuff like that!

Really, we are desperate for reasons to party!

Happy Ed Balls Day!