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Is it ironic that World Health Day and National Beer Day fall on the same day?

World Health Day is a global health awareness day.  Frankly, at this point of my life, every day is a health awareness day!

Old age is not for sissies!

In 1948, the World Health Organization started the celebration and chose April 7.  Why that day?  Well, it’s the WHO’s birthday, so it’s a good a day as any other!

National Beer Day is a US celebration.  It marks the day the Cullen-Harrison Act was enacted after FDR signed it into law.

The Cullen-Harrison repealed the Volstead Act.

When he handed the pen to the lucky recipient, he said, “I think this would be a good time for a beer.”

The law went into effect on 4/7/1933 and allowed people to buy, sell, and drink beer containing 3.2% alcohol.  This may have been the last time anything was accomplished in Washington!

Folks lined UP outside breweries nationwide the night before and on April 7, 1933, 1.5 million barrels of beer were consumed.

BTW:  April 6 is known as New Beer’s Eve.

Welcome to April!

We’ve gone a little crazy with the month long celebrations these days, but from time to time when the muses are being difficult, I will rely on societal trends and pop-culture for inspiration.

After all, inspiration is everywhere! (Cecil B. DeMille said that!)

So, today as I plowed through the web looking for inspiration I learned that April is National Internship Awareness Month, National Child Abuse Awareness Month, National Donate Life Awareness Month, National Cannabis Awareness Month, National Fair Housing Month, Month of the Military Child, International Guitar Month, Keep America Beautiful Month, Lawn and Garden Month, National Autism Awareness Month, National Couple Appreciation Month, National Decorating Month, National
Fresh Celery Month, National Garden Month, National Inventor’s Month, National Jazz Appreciation Month, National Soft Pretzel Month, National Soy Foods Month, National Straw Hat Month, National Poetry Month, National Pecan Month, National Welding Month, Occupational Therapy Month, Records and Information Management Month, Scottish- American Heritage Month, Sexual Assault Awareness Month Stress Awareness Month, National Safe Digging Month, and Confederate History Month!

So why am I not inspired?

Really, there’s so much from which to choose!

And so many questions too!

Do interns really need a whole month?  And who pays attention to them anyway?  It’s usually, “Go get me coffee!” “Take these to the copy room.” Stuff like that.

Child abuse awareness should get a year; forget that, it should be on our minds 24/7!  And if we only donate life one out of 12, what happens to those in need of an organ?

Cannabis?  Really, are the stoners really aware?

Fair Housing, again year round!

And that military child thing?  What’s that all about?

If guitars get a month, do pianos?  Drums?  The Recorder?  Where do we stop?

And shouldn’t we keep America beautiful all the time, Lady Bird Johnson thought so! And why have a special month for Lawn and Garden?  Just pretty it UP all the time!

Autism  – a month?  C’mon people!  Pay attention!

And shouldn’t we value couples who make it all year long?  Why a month?

National Decorating month should be December if we have to have one, and if you start decorating in April, well, you’ve got too many decorations!




And why can’t the Keep America Beautiful, Lawn and Garden, and Garden people all get together; really, the more the merrier!

Inventors, Jazz artists, and Pretzel makers make me happy all year long!  I’d be nowhere without my phone, computer, and micro-wave, Grover Washington, and who doesn’t love pretzels all year long?

And what would Germantown do?  They’d have to have the Pretzel Festival in April!


National Soy Foods Month!!  No, just, no.

Minnie Pearl is dead, forget the straw hats!

Poetry – all year!

Welding – well, it’s a skill, a craft, and I’m thinking we’re gonna need a few in Atlanta to fix that overpass, so come on down and feel free to celebrate your profession.

Occupational Therapists work year round, celebrate them every day!

Records and information don’t need a month!  But then, they probably are lonely tucked away in the filing cabinet!

And what’s April got to do with Scotland?

Pecans!  We celebrate them all year long in Georgia!

Should I dig, and if I do should it be safely?  American Heritage, Confederate History?  Where do I go?

So many choices.

Still, I got nothin’!!

Back That Thang UP!

Today is National Back UP Day.

It’s a day every one should set aside to Back UP their computer files.

First celebrated in 2011 by a bunch of Simi Valley Nerds computer providers and experts out West, it really isn’t a bad idea!

I mean, after all, you wouldn’t want to lose all those Redneck Latte Ravings posts you’ve saved now would ya?

So, get busy, and Back That Thang UP!

ET Phone Home!

Today is Extraterrestrial Abductions Day.

Yeah, I was surprised too.

There really is a day for this which proves to me that we are desperate for reasons to party!

A relatively new holiday, it origins are unclear, but I’m sure weed, peyote, and gin were involved.

It stems from a 2008 Toronto celebration called Alien Abduction Day.

Oh Canada!

Seems Alien is a non-PC word, so Extraterrestrial it is!

The celebration can take many forms, but don’t look for any marches or pink hats.

Tin foil maybe, pink no.

Folks generally sit out in the yard waiting and wishing to be abducted by aliens.

Hey, it’s a reason to party, and it’s Monday, so bring on the tin foil and phone home ET!

Today is my 2,500th post, I know, I know, it should have been more monumental.

Have a great Monday.