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Everybody Dance Now!

Today is International Dance Day!

I’ll be responding to everyone via interpretive dance.

Get ready.

Hey, it’s a reason to party!!

Dancing Queens

Have a great weekend.


Is “listen” the new “like?”


I’ve noticed lately that politicians, news anchors/reporters, celebs, and public speakers in general are more and more starting a sentence with “listen”.

I was already.  Mmmmk?

“Listen” has infiltrated the language landscape today just as “like” did for the Valley Girls of old or the tweens of today.

Stop it.

It’s insulting.

We’re listening already.

“Why?” you ask.

Well, here’s why; A. we were already listening as you had the microphone, and B. What you’re saying when you start the sentence with listen is, “What I’m going to say is so darn important you better perk UP, pay attention like never before, and take heed, and you must be stupid if you don’t know this already.”

But, you know, it probably isn’t, and we aren’t.

Listen is like “um” or” er” or” like” or “and.”  It’s filler; it allows you to put your thoughts together and proves you weren’t prepared to speak.

I for one turn off and tune out the second I hear “listen.”

So stop it, you know who you are.

He Started It!

Back in 796 AD, King Æthelred I of Northumbria was murdered by a group of his Earls.  Ealdred and Wada were said to be the leaders, but I can’t say as I wasn’t there.  In his place, Osbald was named king but decided in less than a month that the whole palace intrigue wasn’t for him.  He abdicated and high-tailed it out of town.


Northumbria back then spread from just north of Edinburgh, Scotland to York in England, where the Crawleys live.  You know, they were always running into York for some errand or such.

Æthelred was considered THE first king of England back when I was first enthralled with the royals of the British Isles, and there was a time when I had all the kings and queens of England memorized as well as the dates of their reigns.

Now, not so much.

But, I’ve always found them fascinating.

In 774, Æthelred was chosen king and was “crowned with such great honour” according to Symeon of Durham, a British historian.  Red wasn’t the nicest of guys, and in his first year, ordered the execution of Ealdorman Eadwulf.  An Ealdorman would be the precursor to an Earl.    Three years into his reign, he had three more offed.

These assassinations were ordered to strengthen his hold on the throne.

But, it didn’t work.  He was deposed as king, but not killed.

Red lived in exile until 789 when he was restored to the throne.  Apparently, Osred , the new king was worse.   During Red’s second time around the killing continued, Osred tried to regain the kingdom but lost, was captured and executed.

It was a bloody mess.

Trying to lighten things UP, Red chose a bride during his second term.  He married Ælfflæd, Princess of Merica whose daddy was King Offa.

The marriage shook things UP a tad as she’d previously been engaged to Charles the Younger, one of Charlemagne’s boys.

Well, the Vikings got involved and started attacking Northumbria, and once again, the shit hit the fan.

According to the Anglo-Saxon chronicle – the be all and end all of early English history – “In this year dire forewarnings came over the land of the Northumbrians, and miserably terrified the people:  these were excessive whirlwinds and lightnings, and fiery dragons were seen flying in the air.  A great famine soon followed these tokens and a little after that, in the same year, on the 6th of the Ides of June, the havoc of heathen men miserably destroyed God’s church at Lindisfarne through rapine and slaughter.”

Fiery dragons, huh?  Must have been a good year for Symeon’s mushrooms.

Symeon referred to them as “pagans from the Northern region” who came with a navy.  They overran the country, like “fierce wolves and stinging hornets”, killing the sheep, oxen, priests, monks, and nuns.  They took some as slaves, tortured many, and cast them “naked into the sea”.

Norwegians, just sayin’.

Meanwhile, back at the palace, Æthelred was doing squat to stop the slaughter down at the monastery.  So, his earls took things into their own hands and killed him, placing Osbald on the throne.

It was left to Alcuin, Red’s friend and advisor, to break the news to Offa who didn’t take things that well and demanded his daughter back, which is a whole ‘nother Ricky Lake show.

Osbald was violent and a murderer and a sicko who liked to burn people alive.  He abdicated when the court abandoned him.  Urged to give UP his extravagant way of life and greedy behavior by Alcuin a priest, he was chided for his pagan hair style and luxurious dress.  Rather than eschew modern fashion, he sailed to Pictland and was given refuge by Caustantin, King of the Picts.

With Osbald in Pictland, Eardwulf became king…

I’ll not go into that, it’s Monday, time’s a wastin’, things to do, but I’m sure you can see how this got me hooked.  I mean, really, what nine year old boy wouldn’t love this stuff?

Whew!  What a character that Æthelred was.

He started it!