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Recently I’ve noticed (and blocked) list after list of men things.

Things Men Shouldn’t Do After 30.

Things Guys Shouldn’t Do In Public.

10 Things Men Should Never Do In A Relationship.

And my favorite, Guys, If You Want A Date Ditch These Fashion Fails. The offenses ranged from socks with sandals ,

which I do not do, to cargo shorts, which #guilty!

The writer bemoaned men wearing flip flops or sandals because “…your feet are gross and no one wants to see you hairy toes and ragged toe-nails.”

Hey, send that man to the nail salon!   I’m a firm believer that there isn’t a man in the world that wouldn’t benefit from a pedicure.

#confession  #guiltypleasure

It’s coming from all directions, even John Tesh has one!!

Frankly, the last good thing John Tesh did was the Sax By The Fire CD.

The suggestions range from common sense things that any man should know like “don’t blow your nose at the dinner table” to “never let your wife/significant other see you go poop!

There was a post on Manspreading and Mansplaining.

Those two things are necessary for the survival of the species.


Y’all, you can tell us what not to do all day long, but most men aren’t paying attention.

After all, we’re too busy channel surfing and hogging the remote.

Oh, yeah, that was another one…don’t hog the remote.

Don’t make me go there!

I don’t see much change on the horizon, other than I’ve blocked everything from John Tesh!

This ‘n’ That

Alabama’s Mrs. Roy Moore is standing by her man though all the allegations.  She’s claiming ‘witch hunt’, she’s calling the accusers liars with pants afire.

In reality she’s doing what any loving wife would do if A. she was uninformed, or B. refuses to believe the allegations or C. knows a truth we do not know.

I think she’s Refusional; yeah, I’ve invented a word, coined a phrase; but that’s exactly what she is. At first I thought she was uninformed, hoodwinked, ballyhooed, or delusional, but nope…she is seemingly refusing to face that fact that she’s married to Pervy McPervperv, and she’s standing by her man!

It seems to me that Roy should go.  Go for the good of the party, the good of the state of Alabama, the good of the nation, and the good of mankind.  It seems to me (and I have followed several news and media outlets on this) that Roy’s past is checkered.

So Mrs. Moore, for whom I have great sympathy, needs to encourage him to drop out. Work to exonerate himself and come back with a clean slate.

If he can.

Or, then again, maybe she’s right.  It all may be a witch hunt.

But I doubt it.

That was that, now this…

As to Al Franken, there are pictures.  He’s apologized, which doesn’t eradicate the bad behavior.  The ethics investigation will be yet another Congressional sham and waste of money, he’ll keep his seat (especially if Roy gets elected and the Senate seats him,) and he’s one of the few who are getting a pass from many of my SJW friends simply because he is on their side politically. I won’t belabor his many aggressions.

Can’t touch that!

Wrong is wrong, don’t hate me for it. (Insert hate mail here.)

Al should go, he should never have been there in the first place.

But he too should go, and work to exonerate himself and he too should run again with a clean slate.

As to the elephant in the room, The POTUS and all the charges railed at him and his recent reaction; glass houses, stones, something like that. Yes, you need to work on that Mr. President.

But, what really chaps my ass is that the US Congress has a slush fund of sorts and has paid out $15 million in hush money, penalties – to sweep the allegations of sexual harassment and sexual misconduct by OUR congressional leaders under the rug.


This is our money they are using.  Granted, it’s under $20 a head if you break it down to the US Population, but hey, it’s my $20!  Stop using it to protect sexual aggressors.

Oh, and there’s a “watch list” too.  As in a new hire comes on board in DC to work in the Capitol only to be told, “Hey, watch out for the esteemed gentleman from _________ (insert YOUR state here), he’s a little handsy.


He’s a PREDATOR; why isn’t someone in the sieve we call Washington leaking that?

Also, any representative who approves of this is guilty by association and is complicit in the behavior.

Clean house!  And Senate too!

There is an UP side however.  Folks (with the exception of Paul Begala on CNN) are finally coming to realize that they can no longer be refusional when it comes to the past behavior of President Bill Clinton.


Maybe; but could it really have been?  She worked for him.  He was a man in power, er, the most powerful man in the world.  AND HE DID IT AT WORK!

If he’d taken all that UP to the family residence like JFK did, it would have been another matter.  Still wrong, still skanky, and still cheaty, but a private matter.


Try that stuff at Wal-Mart, CNN, or ___________ (insert your place of employment here) and see what happens.

Suddenly, she’s rich, the company has major clean UP to do, and your Christmas card list just got a little shorter!

Oh, “How’s coming to grips with Bill’s sins the UP side,” You ask.  I think we may actually be done with the Clintons. ‘Bout time, huh?

Have a great Monday…I am!

Here’s a little music to start your day!

The God Stuff

On a recent post, a reader commented, “What’s with all the God stuff?”

Though I’m quite sure it’s totally UNPC, I feel I must explain.

The post was about our first night in Germantown way back in 1957.  It was also about our family’s relationship to another family, my Dad’s calling, his vocation, and his move.

So, just so you’ll know.

I DO believe in God.

I cut my teeth on it.

One God – only, The LORD God Almighty.

I believe He is the Creator, Heavenly Father, and the Savior of mankind.

I believe in a fiat creation.  As in, God spoke the worlds into existence.  I believe He did it in six days, although, I’m willing to admit a day to Him could most possibly be totally different than a day to us.

I believe He created man in His image.

God creating Adam

I believe He created Eve from Adam’s side.

I believe man fell from Grace because of his sin, and as the Church Lady says, “Sa-TAN!”

I believe the Christian Bible IS the WORD of God, and does not just contain the Word of God.

I believe in the death, burial, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

I believe that Jesus Christ is, was, and always will be God…Christians call it the Trinity, as in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

I believe Jesus Christ was both God and man at the same time.

I believe in the Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ.

I believe salvation is through Grace, not because of any ‘works’ one does.

I believe He saves  people from their sin if they ask Him to do so.

And I believe He is coming back to Earth again.

Just thought you might want to know, that’s why the God stuff is so important.

Getting Shredded…

There was actually a battle over Shredded Wheat.

My first question was, “Why?”

I mean seriously folks, shredded wheat!!

Who cares, the stuff is horrible.

But, there was actually a Supreme Court Case over shredded wheat.

First, a little background.

Henry Perky invented shredded wheat in Denver in 1890 on August 1!

Watching a dyspeptic diner, Perky saw a man mixing his wheat with cream.  He rushed right out and came UP with a method of processing wheat into strips and stacked into “pillow like” biscuits.

It was a pretty complicated process; the wheat was cooked in water, tempered allowing moisture to go into the grain, then rolled through a set of rollers with grooves which produces strands.  These are stacked and crimped at pre-set intervals to make the little biscuits – we know and some people love thought I don’t know why – called shredded wheat.

Once in biscuit shape, they are baked until the moisture content drops to 5%.

Perky peddled his product to vegetarian restaurants back in 1892.  His factory was in Niagara Falls, but he leased his patented cereal making machines to folks in Denver and Colorado Springs so the folks out west could “enjoy” the cereal too!

John Harvey Kellogg bought one of the processors, but declined to buy the patent.

Kellogg thought it too weak in taste and compared it to “…eating a whisk broom…” which is a perfect comparison!

But realizing the success Perky was having, and founding his own cereal company with his brother, Kellogg offered to buy the patent.

Alas, Perky was insulted by the offer!

Perky premiered his product at the Chicago World Columbian Exposition in 1893, by that time he’d created the Natural Food Company which would become the Shredded Wheat Company which would be sold by his heirs to Nabisco in 1928.

Perky died in 1908, the patent on his shredded wheat biscuit expired in 1912, Kellogg jumped at the chance to make his own version of the rapidly growing in fame breakfast choice.

He called it Kellogg’s Shredded Wheat which prompted Nabisco to sue him for trademark infringement.

The suit demanded that he not call it shredded wheat and that he not manufacture it in the pillow shape American had come to love.

The suit plowed its way through the court system and landed in front of the United States Supreme Court as the case of Kellogg v. National Biscuit Co in 1938.

Dianna, Mary, and Florence The Supremes ruled that “shredded wheat” was a generic term and therefore not trademarkable.

And besides, the first patent had expired in 1912 passing the design, name, and manufacturing process to public domain.

Today, shredded wheat remains one of the most popular breakfast cereals – although I don’t know how – and comes in many forms; Frosted mini-wheats and Triscuits being two examples.

Frankly, I’m a Fruit Loops kinda guy!

But, to each his own.