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IS It Just ME?

Or do the rest of you think the news media is gunning for a Hilary v. Carly run?  A little girl on girl action?



Oh, that’s not what that means?

Hil v Car

I know the media picks the President, but can’t we at least decide who we want to run?

Is it the “now’s the time for a woman president thing?”

Is it “let’s let the girls fight it out?”

Is it all the guys running are a bunch of jackasses?

I can’t put my finger on it, and I’ll admit I’m not the most politically savvy person out there, but it just seems to me that CNN, Faux News, and MSNBC are just gunning for a girl fight!

Or, maybe it’s just Monday.

Have a good one!

Come On Over To My House…

I was three years old when the first Waffle House® opened in Avondale Estates, Georgia back in 1955.  I would not eat in one until I could drive.

My first Waffle House® memory is from Dayton, Ohio.  I’m not exactly sure, but I think it was the one in Moraine, but, it was late, I’d been out, and my memory may have been impaired.

I am sure I was not the only one there in that condition.


The original restaurant was thought UP and started by Joe Rogers and Tom Forkner.  Both men continue to be majority owners of the company.  Rogerst started in the restaurant business as a short-order cook in 1947 at Toddle House in New Haven, CT.

By 1949, he was a regional manager.

He moved to Atlanta and met Tom Forkner who was his realtor.

His concept for a restaurant was to combine the speed of fast food with table service – hence their slogan, “Good Food, Fast.”

And, he wanted it to be an around the clock deal.

Waffles were the most profitable item on the limited menu – there were 16 items then  – so they called it the Waffle House®.

Waffle House

Rogers left Toddle House in 1956 and went full time with the Waffle House® venture.

By 1960, they had four restaurants, and began franchising.  They grew to 27 stores by the late 60s.

Today, there are 1,500 restaurants, mostly in the Southeast, but reaching to Northern Ohio and all the way to Arizona.

They serve 2% of the eggs used in the US food service industry, and are the leading seller of waffles, omlets, and T-bone steaks.

It’s kind of a big deal.

A good food, good service combination has made the Waffle House® a southern icon.

Though most customers are just regular folks, it’s not unusual to see celebrities at the counter or in a booth.

Kid Rock made head-lines at a Waffle House® when a fight broke out.

kid rock

Outkast are regulars, and were kind enough to bring Kanye along.

Adam Sandler and his family couldn’t get a table at a competitor, so they came to the Waffle House® where I go every day, and were seated instantly.

Open 24/7/365, you can get breakfast, lunch, or dinner any time of the day.  Everything is fresh, prepared to order, and cooked where you can see it.

It’s my home away from home.  When I walk in, my coffee’s on the counter, and Caleb, Cat, or Reese are already cooking my breakfast.

I’m a regular, and it’s a place where everybody knows your name.

No matter what time, no matter what day, it’s a constant.

Ice storm, they’re open.

Flood, they’re open.

Hail, sleet, snow, they’re gonna’ be there.

Whether you like things scattered or smothered, they’ve got you covered!

In Living Color

When I dream I generally dream in black and white.

But, you know, I don’t dream so much these days.

Odd, don’t you think?

I once had a therapist who made me write down the first things I remember when I’d wake UP. Generally it was completely illegible.  I was often half awake and could rarely remember much anyway.

We all dream, we just don’t always remember them.  Scientists tell us that 12% of people dream in Black and White.  And the younger you are the better chance you have of dreaming in color.

They actually think it’s because the baby boomers started out on black and white TV, and every one after that had access to color TV.

I think they need more research.  I haven’t had a black and white TV since I was in high school, but most of my dreams are black and white.

We see color every day, all day.

Regardless of color, we all dream.

Freud said that dreams were the “royal road to the unconscious.”  His theory was that dreams were driven by unconscious wish fulfillment. He argued that unconscious desires often related to early childhood memories and experiences and his theory describes dreams as having both manifest and latent content.  The latent part was, he thought, from the deep unconscious wishes or fantasies but the manifest part, which often obscured the latent part was superficial or meaningless.

He, early on, argued that the majority of latent dream content was sexual in nature, but later in life began to believe trauma or aggression influenced dream content.

Carl Jung rejected most of Freud’s theories but expanded on his idea that dream content related to the unconscious desires.  He thought dreams were messages to the dreamer and insisted the dreamer pay attention for their own good.   Jung thought dreams offered the dreamer revelations which could uncover and resolve emotional fears.

Frankly, I think it’s the Pizza.

Make It A Triple!

Triple Crown Trophy

The Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Horse Racing consists of three races.

The Kentucky Derby, The Preakness Stakes, and The Belmont Stakes.

There have been 12 Triple Crown winners since the “contest” was created.

But it wasn’t actually called the Triple Crown until about 1930, and there was no individual trophy until 1950.

I suppose everyone figured that winning the three races, each coming with its own trophy, would do the trick, but apparently not, since they made a new one just for winning all three.

So, and I know this is almost Rosanne Rosanadannaish, but there are really four trophies in the Triple Crown, yet they don’t call it the quadruple crown.

But, I’m off track.

Off track, get it?

The first triple crown winner was Sir Barton in 1919.

Sir Barton 1919

The latest winner, for those of you who spent the weekend in a coma, is American Pharoah (no, I didn’t spell it incorrectly, the owner did).

American Pharoah’s win came in 2015.

American Pharoah

I find it intriguing that my Mother was born in 1919, and died in 2015.

I also find it intriguing that Seattle Slew won in 1977, the year I got married.

Seattle Slew

I’m sure there’s no connection, but I still find it interesting.

I also found it exciting to watch.  Sure it was only a couple of minutes, but there was so much at stake!

And who doesn’t love a winner?

Happy Monday.