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ET Phone Home!

Today is Extraterrestrial Abductions Day.

Yeah, I was surprised too.

There really is a day for this which proves to me that we are desperate for reasons to party!

A relatively new holiday, it origins are unclear, but I’m sure weed, peyote, and gin were involved.

It stems from a 2008 Toronto celebration called Alien Abduction Day.

Oh Canada!

Seems Alien is a non-PC word, so Extraterrestrial it is!

The celebration can take many forms, but don’t look for any marches or pink hats.

Tin foil maybe, pink no.

Folks generally sit out in the yard waiting and wishing to be abducted by aliens.

Hey, it’s a reason to party, and it’s Monday, so bring on the tin foil and phone home ET!

Today is my 2,500th post, I know, I know, it should have been more monumental.

Have a great Monday.

The Big 1-0

Tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of Data Privacy Day.

I mean, you know, if you’re looking for a reason to party.

Shockingly, it wasn’t created by the Democratic National Convention and John Podesta, but you’d think they might have, right?

Seriously though, it’s a real thing.  Data Privacy Day is an educational initiative which was originally focused on raising awareness at a business and local user level of the importance of protecting the privacy of personal information on line and the information collected and kept by businesses.

Learning institutions as well as businesses denote the day with celebrations (I am not making this UP) and collaborations between academia, industry, nonprofits, governments, and privacy professionals.

So, lock UP your software, data, and change your dog’s name, or at least your password.

Have a great Data Privacy Day.

It’s a reason to party, stop whining!

Oh, BTW, Vlad the Putin doesn’t celebrate this one!

Sic Semper Tyrannis

Fidel Castro is dead!




All weekend long we listened to Jimmy Carter, Jesse Jackson, Dr, Jill Stein, and others laud Castro as a great leader, a hero, a beacon of justice!, and a man who loved his country.

  1. Not a hero.
  2. Not a leader.
  3. Had no clue what justice is.
  4. Loved his power; the location was a matter of convenience.

Forget for a moment the thousands of political prisoners he held captive during his oppressive regime.  Forget for a minute the thousands of dissidents he murdered in the name of socialism.  Forget for a moment the thousands of women he raped.   Forget for a little while the millions of Cuban exiles who longed for home, family, culture, and property.  Forget just for a time the hundreds of businesses he stole from their rightful owners.

For a moment, forget all that.

But if you’re part of my generation, think back to October of 1962.

Remember your parents; how they felt, what they said, how much closer they hugged you.

In 1962, Castro led the world to the brink of nuclear war.  Castro was the Cuban Missile Crisis.  It was his doing, his knuckling to pressure from the Soviets that brought our nation to the very cusp of catastrophe.

It was Castro who traumatized a nation.

And though I’ll never forget those he murdered, robbed, imprisoned, and raped – they may fade.

But I will never forget the Cuban Missile Crisis as it forever changed our nation.

I will never call him a hero, a man who loved is country, a leader.

And to call him a “beacon of justice in the shadow of empire” is pure lunacy.  And no one who truly loves this nation could possibly feel that way about him.

He was an international terrorist and we should have taken him out decades ago.

Remember President Kennedy on television telling the nation just how close we were to destruction.


And if you don’t remember, or you’ve never heard of this, take 20 minutes to watch this…

…for nearly 19 minutes, John F. Kennedy showed the world what a leader was.

Castro: no leader, no hero, only a tyrant.

He’s dead; sic semper tyrannis.


Just Do It!

When I heard it was the “Day of Conception” I rushed to my Catholic Calendar to make sure.  But, alas, it isn’t there.

That’s because it’s not a Catholic Holy Day.

It’s a Russian holiday.

Seems back in 2006, in his State of the Ruskies Address, Vlad the Putin called the “demographic crisis” (the dwindling of the Russian race) THE most urgent problem facing the former Soviet Union and let everyone know he was going to do all he could to increase Russia’s birth rate.

Now before all you ladies line UP for a night with the Vlad, please realize he wasn’t offering to father the children of Russia, he was offering cold hard cash to families willing to have more than one child. (See what I did there?)

The Day of Conception, also monikered Procreation Day, actually started in Ulyanovsk where Vladimir Lenin was born.

Apparently Russians “do it” on 9/12 birth control free in the hopes their child is born on June 12 of the following year.

If so, bingo!  They receive a cash reward.

There’s even an ad campaign!


In 2005, the governor of Ulyanovsk, Sergey Ivanovich Morozov gave couples the day off to “procreate” and bring about the next generation of Russians.

The grand prize couple won a UAZ-Patriot, an SUV made in the governor’s fair city.


The runner UPs won video cameras, televisions, and washing machines.

Happy procreation day.

You know what ya gotta’ do!