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Getting To Know Me! *

I shared this meme on the Facebook pages of my sister-in-law and my niece-in-law (her daughter-in-law…you know how important proper relationship placement is to me.)

I’ll admit it was one of the less controversial posts of the week on my page.

Really there wasn’t so much stirring the pot with this one.

But, it did get me thinking.

That may be true for many or even most people, but I like to think my library is so diverse that one would think I possess multiple personalities…OK, some already do…or the house is full of avid readers.

It is not.

My library ranges from Austen to Zola, as in Emile Zola, not my sister Zola.

Or Aussa’s dog for that matter.

But, I digress.

Reading is important.  I have the attention span of a gnat, and I read several books at a time, picking them UP and putting them down when I feel the need to move on, or see a shiny object, or a squirrel.

I read classics, I read non-fiction, tons of history, even more historical fiction, and there are biographies on every shelf.

And yes, there are more volumes on the American Civil Conflict in my library than any ten people I know.

There are books in every room, books by my chair, books by the bed; they make me happy.

As sure as I am that they all say a little something about me, I’m not so sure perusing the book shelves in my home will fill you in on who I really am.

That would take a conversation.

Or two.

Or, who knows, maybe the books do tell my story.

Have a great Monday.


*my apologies to Rogers and Hammerstein.

Happy Labor Day!

Have a Great Last Day of Summer*

Labor Day is a truly American Holiday!

*yeah, yeah, I know summer doesn’t end for a couple of weeks, but you know what I mean!


My Eyes Are Bad Enough Already!

… I’ll skip the eclipse today and watch it on TV.

Really, I’ve had glasses since the third grade, and as the years pass my vision gets worse.  I am not taking the risk.

Sure, sure, I’ve got a partially empty box or two, I could make one of those pin-hole things we did in grade school, but meh, I’ll wait for the news.

But, for many the eclipse is a big, big deal.  After all, one hasn’t passed over the United States for over a hundred years!

Astrologists tell us that an eclipse is a turning point, a theme for newness, and a good time to start something new.

In the Bible, many eclipses of the sun were seen as token of God’s anger (Joel 3:15 comes to mind.)

During the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the world went dark in what was most probably an eclipse (Matthew 27:45.) Although many will argue as the darkness caused by an eclipse never lasts for more than six minutes and at that time the darkness lasted for three hours.  Also, at the time Jesus was crucified, it was Passover and the moon was full and it could not have been an eclipse.

Hey, God is still God and if He wants to change things…well, guess what, three hours it is, full-moon, half-moon, or blue moon!

Some say that today’s eclipse is a sign from God.

Frankly, I don’t think God speaks to us that way.  We may find God in nature – whether it is the sun, moon, stars, or the majesty of the Rockies, but he speaks to us through His Word.

At any rate, I’ll wait.  I’m sure ABC, CBS, NBC and the rest will all have great coverage and lots of pictures.

Save your eyes!

Have a great Monday.

On The Beach

Need a reason to go to the beach?

Ha!  Like you have to make on UP.

But just in case, today is the anniversary of the demise of the 1715 Treasure Fleet.

It was a Spanish treasure fleet consisting of eleven ships which left Havana and headed to Spain on July 30, 1715.  The following day, somewhere off the coast of Vero Beach, Florida, the ships were lost to the sea in a hurricane.

1,000 sailors perished and millions of dollars in Spanish silver and gold fell to the bottom of the sea.

Much of the treasure has been recovered in various expeditions, but some artifacts and even the occasional coin still to this day, wash UP on the Florida beaches.

Now that’s a reason to head to the beach if you ever had one!

Where are you headed this summer?