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Not Again!

I don’t know how they get away with this every year, but they’re at it again.


This can’t be legal.

Have a great Monday!

Partying With My Peeps!

Easter, my favorite candy season.

Seriously, I love it.  Chocolate Bunnies, Cadbury Eggs, Jelly Beans…PEEPS®, what’s not to love.

What Easter Basket is complete without them?

Look at this lovely couple ready to sacrifice themselves to make some child smile on Easter Morning.

courtesy of Strossner's

courtesy of Strossner’s

And, Jenny’s addiction aside, who can get enough of those chocolaty creme filled confections wrapped in foil?

courtesy of Cadbury UK

courtesy of Cadbury UK

And of course, jelly beans are always in style…sticky, chewy, sweet…what’s not to love?

courtesy of Wikipedia

courtesy of Wikipedia

But, the cock of the walk, the head rooster, the barnyard bantam that trumps them all is the PEEP®!

PEEPS® are made by the Just Born Company founded in Bethlehem (irony) PA by a Russian immigrant named Sam Born.

courtesy of Just Born

courtesy of Just Born

He bought the Rodda Candy Company in 1953 and started mass producing the sweets in the 1960s.  Prior to that, they were hand made!

Allegedly indestructible,  PEEPS® are made year round, chirping their way into every holiday.

They originally came in one color, PINK! But as the years went on, yellow, white, lavender, and even chocolate were introduced.

And then, there were Halloween PEEPS®, Christmas PEEPS®, and even PEEPS® for Valentine’s.

In 1999, because they had nothing else to spend that huge government grant on, scientists at Emory University conducted experiments on the marshmallow morsels.

They tried to destroy them with sulfuric acid, cigarette smoke, boiling water, and liquid nitrogen.  There was also some inquiry into the evolution of PEEPS®, and whether or not PEEPS® migrate.

courtesy of Just Born

courtesy of Just Born

They don’t, well, at least we think they don’t, none of them have ever lasted around my house long enough to know.  This Easter, after church of course, I’ll be partying with my PEEPS®!!

Merry Christmas!

Here’s a little Redneck Latte under the Christmas Tree.

A Little Rednecklatte Under the Christmas Tree

Hope your Christmas is full of joy, love, happiness, fine food, fun, and presents!

Wordless Wednesday.

It’s all about the fine print.

It's all about the attitude

And it’s all about the attitude.