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Back in July when FBI Director Comey said the words, “…no reasonable prosecutor…” pundits everywhere proclaimed his impeachable character, his status as a “principled career lawman,” his unwavering lack of bias, his yada, yada, yada.

Now,  he’s lower than a snake’s belly, scum on the bottom of scum’s shoes, the W.O.R.S.T., and interfering with a “…very close and contentious election…”

The same pundits who lauded his impeachable character over and over and over and over on CNN, Faux, MSNBC are ready to tar and feather him.

I hate to sound like Nancy Kerrigan, but, “Why? Why? Why?”

Not why do they deride him so now, not why are the pundits all outraged, not even why now.

But simply, “Why?”

Could it be…damage control?

Could it be Comey is truly a Clinton crony and it has at last dawned on him that the current administration hung him out to dry by having him make an unprecedented public recommendation to the Attorney General?

Could it be that by not recommending prosecution, even though it is glaringly apparent that Secretary Clinton did everything of which she was accused, his actions isolated the current administration from any fallout?

Could it be that he’s come to grips with the fact that most directors would go out of their way to assure the American public that it is NOT the FBI’s job to make recommendations or conclusions, but simply to investigate and provide evidence to the Attorney General?

Could it be that the light has come on and he realizes if Trump actually pulls off a win and appoints a special prosecutor to look into this affair and they find collusion between Clinton-The Administration-Comey, Mr. Comey could be facing serious prison time?

Or, could it be he’s not had the impeachable character all along and all the pundits were fooled?

Nah, surely not that!

And at last, “Why bother?”  This will make no difference in the out come of the election.  The Donald will not win.

Have a great Monday.

I’m sure it will be better than Director Comey’s as today his crucifixion awaits.


In this crazy political season we’ve heard every candidate attacked from every angle.  Ted Cruz, prior to dropping from the race. referred to Donald Trump as a “serial philanderer”.  He may well be, and although I hope and pray a viable third party candidate emerges from the vapors to save us from the two abdominal choices we have, I thought I’d take the time to put the whole sexual morality issue in some kind of perspective.

I’m not condoning anything.

Nor am I endorsing anyone.

And, as I promised controversy earlier this year, please brace yourself for this bumpy ride!

Long before he’d be the Father of His Country, a teen age George Washington became infatuated with a Virginia aristocrat named Sally Fairfax.

Sally Fairfax

Sally was the sister-in-law to George’s brother’s wife. (Technically your in-laws’ in-laws are NOT your in-laws – this can be comforting at times), and young George was smitten with the high born gal.

He even wrote to her from war, “Tis true, I profess myself a Votary to Love…I feel the force of her amiable beauties in the recollection of a thousand tender passages that I wish to obliterate, till I am bid to revive them – but experience alas! Sadly reminds me how impossible this is.”

There is no proof that GW and Sally hooked UP, but bear in mind, the Father of Our Country was a man like all the rest.

Thomas Jefferson most assuredly fathered a child, or possibly children with his slave Sally Hemmings.  He was a widower, she was a beauty, things happened. Who can blame them? Monticello is buried in the woods, she was hot, he was a ginger, stuff happens!


John Quincy Adams and his foreign born wife, Louisa, fought so much he said, “…our union was not without its trials…” To cool off after arguments, the old boy would skinny dip in the Potomac.


Andrew Jackson’s wife was still married when they married and he killed a man in a duel over the scandal.

John Tyler couldn’t keep it in his pants, and fathered more children than any other President!  He was married twice.  His first wife bore eight children and died of a stroke while in the White House.

Letitia_TylerJohn Tyler  Julia_Tyler

Tyler remarried less than two years later and fathered seven more children, the last one when he was 72!!  It is estimated he fathered over 50 with his slaves.

Franklin Pierce hated being President, and felt his life was over at the end of his term.  He said, “Well, there’s nothing left to do but get drunk.”  He did, and he stayed that way.  He did manage to have an affair with an “unnamed woman” after his wife’s death.

Franklin Pierce

Pierce drank himself to death at the age of 64.

James Buchanan was our only “bachelor President”.  Prior to his stay in the White House he had an affair with William Rufus Devane King, the 13th Vice President of the United States.  King was VP while Pierce was the POTUS.  Andrew Jackson referred to King as Miss Nancy and Buchanan’s spouse.  The two men lived together for ten years in a Washington boarding house.  Like Suzanne Sugarbaker said, “…one cart, fresh pasta, two guys shopping…you figure it out.”


Lincoln – I’ll let you discover all that mess on your own.  But, there’s some “there” there if you know what I mean.

James Garfield’s mistress was 18 at the time their affair started.  Her name was Lucia and she was a reporter for the NY Times.  When his wife, Lucretia found out, she gave him an ultimatum.  He opted for the home life.

Garfield 2

According to Maria Halpin’s report, she was raped by future president Grover Cleveland. Cleveland had been courting her with no success, and eventually convinced her to go to dinner with him at the Ocean Dining Hall and Oyster House. Dinner was pleasant enough, but after he walked her back to her room he sexually assaulted her “…by use of force and violence and without any consent…”  When she threatened to contact the police, he told her he would “…ruin her if it cost him $10,000 or if he was hanged by the neck for it…”


Six weeks later, Halpin realized she was pregnant.  Her son was born on September 1, 1874 in a hospital for unwed mothers. Cleveland had the child removed from Halpin’s care and placed in an orphanage in Buffalo, NY.  Halpin was committed to an asylum, but was released after an evaluation which confirmed she wasn’t insane, but frantic from her ill treatment by Cleveland and his powerful friends.  Cleveland’s political career continued on to the highest office in the land as his PR machine spun the story to cast doubt on the child’s parentage.

Warren Harding had so many affairs that when he died in office people actually suspected his wife of poisoning him!  One affair lasted 15 years.  His presidency is considered one of the most corrupt.


FDR died with his mistress at his bedside.

FDR, Lucy, and Eleanor

Dwight D. Eisenhower had a driver during WW II named Kay Summersby.  She was British, cute, and Ike was horny.  Most of his biographers deny they were sexually involved, but General Omar Bradley who knew Ike as well as anyone said the two were in love.


JFK – really?  I have to go there? The man said, “…if I don’t get a fresh piece of ass every day, I get a migraine…”


Lady Bird Johnson was always shooing women from the White House and feared that some woman would finally give Lyndon a son, which she “…was never able to do…”  I suppose Lady Bird never heard that the man decides the sex of a child.  But, no matter, LBJ was a total player.  His limousine was pulled over in Washington D C when a brassiere was thrown from the back seat window.


The DC cop was flummoxed when he saw a partially clad woman on Johnson’s johnson, which BTW, he loved to pull out in meetings and show off. It had a nickname, JUMBO!

Political consultant and author, Roger Stone, a Nixon fan to the Nth degree, says Richard Nixon’s interest in China stemmed from the fact he had an affair with a Chinese woman!  But, who knows, Stone is such a devotee of Nixon he actually had a likeness of the 37th President tattooed on this back!

Nixon's the one

Ronald Reagan was still married to Jane Wyman when he and Nancy first met and started dating.  And Nancy herself said, “…our first child was born seven, count ‘em, seven months after the wedding…”

Nancy and Ron

I’ll stop, you get the picture.

Serial philanderer – apparently it doesn’t matter.

What’s All The Fuss?

There has been much controversy this week over this…

Baby in Flag

Frankly, I don’t get it.

Do we complain about this…

Athlete in flag

No, we call it national pride, patriotism, and we celebrate it.

Find something big to bitch about please.

Back From The Dead.

Seems Charlie Sheen has extended a feather of peace to the producers of TV’s Two and Half Men.

Back from the dead

He wants to be part of the final season of the popular show.

But, that might be a tad difficult.  His character died after being shoved in front of a train by his crazy neighbor-wife Rose.

It is odd now, that after all the vitriol during Sheenogate, that Charlie is talking so nice.

And he is.  He said, when asked if he’d made peace with 2+1/2Men’s’ producer Chuck Lorre,  “Ethereally we have, personally we have not.  But I’m easy to grab. He was doing his job, I was doing mine. At the end of the day, the guy’s a genius. Look at what he does. I don’t have to spend time with him anymore for him to be brilliant. I wish him nothing but the best.”

That and a giant paycheck for himself.