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Crime Of Fashion

This has been beaten to death this week on the interwebz, but I felt I had to weigh in…

Rompers for him are being peddled to unsuspecting consumers as the latest fashion must.

NO, just NO.

No, no, no, no, no, no!


Don’t even think about it.



DTWS started back UP Monday night.

Yeah, I know, that was four whole days ago.

They actually have people on the show this time around who can dance.

Really, Simone, Nancy, a couple of the guys, they’re pretty good.

But today, I’d like to focus on Charo, the original Cuchi-Cuchi girl.

She’s paired with Keo Motsepe. Charo is a comedienne, singer, dancer, flamenco musician of Spanish descent.  As in Spain, Spanish.

In reality, she’s a very talented musician and isn’t above poking a little fun at her self.

I remember watching her on Carol Burnett’s show in the 1970s and it was funny.

Carol played Charo’s mom…funny stuff.

She’s pretty good for an old gal!

Regarding Charo’s date of birth, well, there is some question about her age.

As in it’s all over the map.

She asserted in a 1977 court hearing that her true year of birth was 1951.  That means A. she’s got me by a year, and B. she was 15 when she married Xavier Cugat, who BTW, was 66 at the time.

The year of her birth on official documents in Murcia, Spain and her original Spanish passport and her naturalization papers state her birth date as March 13, 1941, which makes her 75.

I’m guessin’ that’s closer to the truth.

She said in an interview that her parents allowed her to “falsify her age” to appear older when marrying Cugat.

Some reported it as 1945, 1946. And in 1964, she was referred to as Cugat’s “18 year old protégée,” which puts it at 1946.

Forty years ago, in 1977, when she divorced Cuggie, the judge in Vegas upheld her 1951 birth year as official.

She swore it was the truth, but said, “If people believe I’m older, that’s fine.”

Well, that’s a good thing, ‘cause we do.

Fashion Friday: White Noise.

We haven’t had a Fashion Friday in a while, and I’m sure not a one of you has missed it!  But with all the white talk this week, well, I made me wonder.

And you know what that means!

Yes, I have to post about it.

This all came about when female Democrat legislators and senators wore white “in protest” to President Trump’s recent address to congress.  And several of my home town friends chimed in on someone else’s post. A discussion ensued as to what white is, is there such a thing as Winter White, etc.

The argument was a draw, she says she won, but I didn’t lose, so it was a draw.  Just sayin’.

Right Marcia?

But, back to the post…darn those shiny objects!

Let me just say, I’m not a white fan.

White slacks, white skirts, white shorts, white shoes, white walls, white appliances; just don’t like ’em.

White tennis shoes and tennis shorts and white cars do get passes.

Deal with it, it’s part of my crazy.

And of course if we just talk about me, this could go on awhile, so I’ll move on to white.

An achromatic color, e.g. one without a hue, white hits the eyeballs on all cylinders, er sensitive cone cells.  All things being equal to the eye, the eye tells your brain you are looking at a white object.  It is technically the presence of all colors.


Science, medicine, anatomy – stuff like that.

The white color on television screens and computer monitors is created with the RGB color model by mixing red, green and blue light at equal intensities.  I know, I was surprised too!

White is the most common color in nature.  Sunlight is actually white, snow, milk, chalk, many minerals, and Caribbean beach sand.

In the Bible white represents purity, and in many cultures it is the color of purity, innocence, goodness, a clean slate – which I find odd since all the slates I’ve seen are black.

Another topic for another day.

Western Cultures associate white with perfection, good, honesty, cleanliness.

But, white has an even longer history.

Egyptian priestesses wore white as a symbol of purity.  Of course history tells us many of the temples were quasi-brothels, so I think they were scamming the faithful.  Isis was a big fan of white, no, not the terror group or the dog on Downton Abbey, the Egyptian goddess.

In ancient Rome, only citizens could wear white togas.  Note to drunken frat boys:  CUT.IT.OUT!

In medieval times a white unicorn symbolized chastity (and a that a fair amount of weed had been consumed.)  And widows of kings wore white as a mourning color.  When alive, the kings of France wore a great deal of white while their queens wore black.  Marie Antoinette wore all white to the scaffold, some say because that is all she had left, but ever the fashion icon, maven, and motivator, she wore it as a protest showing the nation she was, though broken and bowed, still the Queen of France…for a few more minutes at least.

History has given us White Russians, those fighting the Bolsheviks, and a really strong alcoholic libation.

White has also been used to symbolize government.  Look around, those Capitol buildings may look darker from the interstate, but they are most generally white limestone.  Pollution!

Religions like white too.  Look at the Pope, the Brahmins, Shinto, and Islam.

Early Christians picked it UP from the Romans due to the purity representation.

There’s more, but I’ll get to the point.

It’s a color.  It is obedient to the laws of nature. It has no choice in the matter.  It cannot complain when it is used to symbolize something bad or applaud when something good.

In the 20th and 21st Centuries, White has represented many different things.

Sure, sure, the purity thing is there.  Bridal gowns, christening gowns, yada, yada, yada.

In Western Culture, Black is the color of mourning.  In China, Korea, and other Asian nations, white, or most generally undyed linen is.

The Klan used white at the onset to represent the ghosts of the Confederate dead to scare recently freed slaves and “Carpetbaggers” who’d moved into the South for gain.  Today, as then, they wear white hoods because they are cowards.

Iran had a White Revolution beginning in 1963 lead by their ruler, the Shah.  His reforms included land reform, enfranchisement of women, literacy initiatives, nationalization of forests and others, all of which would lead to his downfall in the 1970s.

White is associated with peace and passive resistance.

The American and British Suffragettes chose white to represent their cause feeling they were unrecognized and white was pretty hard to miss in a parade.  But, back in the day, the Suffragettes were only fighting for votes for white women.  In the 1913 parade, held on March 3, the black women were shoved to the end of the line.  Women of color would not really get the vote until 1960.  Native Americans got it in 1957, and Latinas in 1965.

In WW I, the Great War, protesters pinned white ribbons of cowardice on men who were not in uniform.

The white rose represented a non-violent resistance group in Nazi Germany.  Which brings us to today.

All the women wearing white where protesting.  But for the life of me I’m not sure what. Have we lost any rights?  Or is it just that they hate the President, his policies, his programs?

If that’s it, fine.  Hate away.  It’s glaringly clear he doesn’t care, or doesn’t get it.

But I do, and with me it’s about fashion.  White before Palm Sunday and after Labor Day; well, it’s just plain wrong!  The only people wearing white before Palm Sunday are brides, and not all of them should!

Political statements be damned, laws of fashion must be obeyed!

OH, and BTW, White Noise is the noise of all frequencies of sound combined.  It is used to cover UP unwanted noise.

Metaphor anyone?

Dolley Did It!

There’s a big party in DC tonight, actually about 20 of them!

This is nothing new, there are always several.

Of course this time things might be different.  The Trumps are rather showy.

There’s been much ado about poor Melania not having a proper frock to wear as none of the hoity toity designers will dress the poor child.

Get real!  She’s married to a billionaire who is the President of the United States come noon today.  Someone is going to sell her a dress.

And frankly, all this “don’t dress Melania, let’s not buy from Ivanka, and tell Starbucks to move out of Trump Tower” is just bull, and is of the same ilk as “…we won’t bake for gays…”

Bullying and discrimination are wrong regardless of which way they are meted out.

But, I digress.

As usual.

I mentioned earlier this week that the first inaugural ball wasn’t held until little Jimmy Madison became POTUS.

Washington DC was a big town by the time James and Dolley Madison moved into the White House.  The country was 20 years old, things had changed.

Dolley was always ready for a good time, and at 40 was still a looker. She decided to host a ball to mark the occasion.

The only place available was Long’s Hotel, and Dolley invited 400 people!

Well, invited isn’t exactly the right word. They were given the opportunity to purchase a ticket.

The price, $4.00, outrageous at the time, didn’t stop the tickets from selling out.

A band was acquired, caterers were hired, bakers and confectioners were chosen, flowers, bunting, and decorations hung; it was a big do.

As a matter of fact, the biggest do yet in DC.

Hundreds of candles lit the room and the who’s who of Washington gussied UP in all their best to party with the POTUS.

Dolley, stunning in her fawn colored gown and matching turban with feathers wowed the crowd.  In days, turbans and feathers were all the rage in DC.

Dolley Madison became the first First Lady to set fashion trends.



Dolley, who always sat at the head of the table to relieve her shy spouse of social obligations, ruled the room as she sat between the Ministers of France and Great Britain.  The President sat at the side halfway down the table, his favorite place, as it allowed him to escape the social niceties he hated.

Sitting between two ministers from two nations currently at war, the First Lady kept the boys on their very best behavior.  It was truly a coup de grace for the woman most of Washington thought was shallow and vapid.

She, like many to follow her proved them wrong.

And it all came about because she wanted to celebrate her husband’s good fortune and achievement.

Now, two centuries and several inaugural balls later, what the First Lady wears, how she styles her hair, what jewelry she has on, and with whom she speaks set the tone for the next four years.

Not bad, Dolley, not bad.