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The God Stuff

On a recent post, a reader commented, “What’s with all the God stuff?”

Though I’m quite sure it’s totally UNPC, I feel I must explain.

The post was about our first night in Germantown way back in 1957.  It was also about our family’s relationship to another family, my Dad’s calling, his vocation, and his move.

So, just so you’ll know.

I DO believe in God.

I cut my teeth on it.

One God – only, The LORD God Almighty.

I believe He is the Creator, Heavenly Father, and the Savior of mankind.

I believe in a fiat creation.  As in, God spoke the worlds into existence.  I believe He did it in six days, although, I’m willing to admit a day to Him could most possibly be totally different than a day to us.

I believe He created man in His image.

God creating Adam

I believe He created Eve from Adam’s side.

I believe man fell from Grace because of his sin, and as the Church Lady says, “Sa-TAN!”

I believe the Christian Bible IS the WORD of God, and does not just contain the Word of God.

I believe in the death, burial, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

I believe that Jesus Christ is, was, and always will be God…Christians call it the Trinity, as in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

I believe Jesus Christ was both God and man at the same time.

I believe in the Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ.

I believe salvation is through Grace, not because of any ‘works’ one does.

I believe He saves  people from their sin if they ask Him to do so.

And I believe He is coming back to Earth again.

Just thought you might want to know, that’s why the God stuff is so important.

16 Candles

It’s been 16 years since the World Trade Center fell.


Hopefully Virgil was right.

About That David

On September 8, 1504, Michelangelo’s David was unveiled in Florence’s Piazza della Signoria.

It’s a work of art.

The detail is exquisite.

But what about that David?


David had an affair with another man’s wife and when she got pregnant,  he sent her husband to the heat of the battle so that he would be killed.

Then he married her.

David was married to several women at the same time and had several concubines – women in his harem to whom he was not married.

David killed 7,000 men in one battle and killed tens of thousands over time.

David annihilated entire cities; men, women, and children.

David was an ethnic cleanser.

David was such an indulgent father his undisciplined sons became rapists and womanizers and rebelled against his kingdom.

David was a mercenary who rebelled against his king and was the face of treason.

David usurped the throne of Israel from the family of his best friend Jonathan.

Yet the statue still stands.

Shallow Hal

While hurricane Harvey was pounding Texas, the state was flooding, and people were dying, the world was talking about high heels.

I’ll admit, I was caught UP in the fray.

I was annoyed of course, and repentant; but the situation did get me wondering:  “Why heels, not just on her, but on anyone? And where did they come from?”

I mean, really, why?

And, we’ve not had a Fashion Friday in a while…so

Hi heels are nothing new, most historians tell us that the high heel was created by the Egyptians.

Some say it was designed to make a woman’s leg be more desirable. Some would say that’s not necessary legs are a good thing anyway.

That may not have been the reason, as Egyptian men and women wore high heels.

Egyptian butchers wore them to be elevated on the floor allowing them to stay out of the blood.

Who wants bloody feet?  Right?

During European Renaissance the high heel became a status symbol; worn by men and women as well.

The higher social classes wanted to tower above the peons and serfs that did their bidding.

Catherine de Medici wore them to inform the French court she was in charge when she wed the duc de Orleans!

We get the term well heeled from this fashion design. Back then, the higher the heels the richer the wearer.

Of course there’s a theory that has nothing to do with class at all, they say high heels were designed to help riders keep their feet in the stirrups of their horses.

That may be so, but unlikely; a rider’s heel is only about an inch and a half and didn’t show UP until around 1,600 in Europe.

Some heels, then and now can be five and six inches high!!

Since World War II high heels have come and gone as far as fashion goes. They always come back!

In the 90s lower heels were all the rage and flats were even bigger.

During the late 60s flats were Hot, but high heels stayed for dressy occasions, and returned full-bore in the 80s along with big hair and shoulder pads.

In the 70s, men wore heels for a while, just like they did during the renaissance.

Platform shoes were huge, I’ll admit, I had several pair!

Hey, it was disco time!

High heels today vary from 1/2 an inch to a stiletto heel of 5 inches. There are some extremes; 6 inch heels or even 6 inch platforms and a 12 inch heel.

And there are all kinds of high heels. The cone, the kitten, the puppy, the Louis, stiletto, and the wedge, just to name a few!

High heels, flats sneakers or flip-flops, it’s all a fashion choice.

It’s UP to you.

But, be careful, high heels can cause foot pain, increase the likelihood of sprains and fractures, and they can actually create foot deformities!!

Not to mention making you walk unsteadily, shorten your stride, and make you unable to run.

And then of course there’s back pain.

Hey, high heels do make your legs look good!

As I write this shallow post, the waters in Texas are deep, people are losing the things they hold dear, are suffering, frightened, worried about their futures: some are dying.

Shoes may matter later, but not right now.