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What A Difference A Year Makes…

One year ago today…

 (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

…Hillary Clinton became the first female to be nominated for the office of President of the United States by a major political party.


As Fate Would Have It…

That two blog post thing yesterday was a goof UP on my part.  The blended self post was supposed to be for today.


Rather than re-post it and pretend it didn’t happen, I’ve decided to burn the midnight oil and write something for Tuesday!

Dontchca feel special!!

Joe Kennedy, Jr was born on July 25, 1915.

His father’s hopes for him to be the first Irish Catholic POTUS were dashed when he was killed in an air explosion during operation Aphrodite in World War II.

Kennedy was born, the first of nine children, in Hull, Massachusetts.  He went to the Dexter School, attended Choate, and went to Harvard where he, athletic as all the Kennedys were, played football, rugby, and participated in crew.

His political aspirations bloomed early and he was a member of the student council.  After graduating in 1938, he spent a year at the London School of Economics before enrolling in Harvard Law.

Yes, He truly pakhed his cah in Hahvahd Yahd.

Groomed for greatness by dad from pre-school days, his grandfather, Boston’s mayor, John F. Fitzgerald, told the news, “This child is the future President of the nation.”

Joe was a delegate to the DNC in 1940, and planned to run for congress in 1946.

His death in World War II, a tragedy for sure, paved the way for his younger brother John to assume the political standard for the family.

He wrote home to dad, when dad sent him to Nazi Germany in 1934, saying Hitler’s sterilization policy was “…a great thing…” which would “…do away with many of the disgusting specimens of men…”

Joe senior was devastated by Joe junior’s death, but in reality, America may have dodged a bullet at the loss of the firstborn.

He like Britain’s King Edward VIII, felt that “…Hitler was building a spirit in his men that could be envied in any country…”


He left Harvard before his final year of law school and enlisted in the US Naval Reserve.  He became a Naval Aviator, received his wings and was commissioned an ensign in 1942.

After completing 25 combat missions, he was eligible to go home, but instead, re-UPPED, and volunteered for Operation Aphrodite.

Operation Aphrodite used unmanned, explosive filled Army Air Force Boeing and Navy Liberator bombers which were purposely crashed into their targets by radio control.

Radio control technology being what it was in the 1940s, the planes couldn’t take off without someone at the controls. So pilots would take off, activate the remote control system, arm the detonators, and parachute from the planes.

Kennedy, by this time a Lieutenant, was assigned to a flight crew when the crew’s captain pulled rank and joined Kennedy in a BQ-8, a new robot aircraft, or drone.

The men took off and headed for the North Sea and Germany’s U-boat stations.

While in the air, after completing the first remote-controlled turn and 2,000 feet above the ground, the co-pilot removed the safety pin, arming the explosive, and Joe radioed the code back to base.

Two minutes later, but prior to the crew bailout, the explosives detonated, destroying the plane and killing Kennedy and his co-pilot, W. J. Willy.

The plane’s wreckage hit the ground near a village, caused a great deal of damage, small fires, but no injuries on the ground.

Though the family was notified, details of the mission and Joe’s death were kept top-secret for years.

As fate would have it, Joe Kennedy, Jr. became the lost prince; John moved into his role and changed American History forever.

My Blended Self.

Yes, T, we’re still talking about it.  Ice T is right however; why is this a topic?

And yes, I realize I’m not helping.

I’m talking about his wife Coco Austin’s new hair-do.

Twitter exploded last week when Coco posted this picture..

…and named her new do as the Da Coco Side Swoop.

People went C.R.A.Z.Y.

BTW, she names all her dos.

They were enraged because they took it to mean she claimed to have created the hairstyle; one that women worldwide have worn for centuries.  And many were enraged because Coco, a Caucasian woman, had appropriated black culture.

Coco, a reality star married to one of the founding fathers of rap, is known for her figure, her attitude, and her TV show.

But, enough about Coco.  Really, who cares?

Cultural appropriation doesn’t exist. What exists are two things.  Emulation:   when one copies a style, fashion, or tradition; and Fraud:  when one claims to be something they are not.

We’re America; we’re supposed to be a melting pot.

Tracing my roots back as far as I can, I’ve found I’m a genetic stew of beans from around the world.  OK, so most of them are white beans, but they are different beans nonetheless.

And most of the folks in America are as well – the stew thing that is.

How far do we take this cultural appropriation bit?

Can only Italians eat Pizza?

Must Cabbage and corned beef be limited to the Irish?

And if you think I’m giving UP Taco Tuesday, well, ya got another think coming!

Everything in America is a mix of the many.

Our music – Scottish, German, African, Indian, and Native American influences abound.

Food – Southern cooking for example, is a mix of what was here, what was brought in, and what worked.  French bread:  sorry, you’re German!  Don’t touch.

Literature, film, art; none of it boils down to one simple group.

We all own it all.

Give it UP.  Enjoy what we are, and be thankful for the folks who left if for us.

I’m a reflection of those who’ve influenced me, I’m quite ok with my blended self.

Reason To Party…

…I really want to create a calendar with a reason to party every day!

Today is Bastille Day in France.  We don’t get into to it so much in the US of A, but for the French, it’s a big deal.

It’s much like our 4th of July, only instead of throwing off a Foreign King, they eventually threw off their King.

Yes, yes, that is a sad, sad story, and the French could have done it better I’m sure, but alas, it is what it was!

The good news on this Bastille Day is that my great-nephew, Drew is in Paris competing in the Rubik’s Cube World Championships.

He’s a World Champion Speedcuber and holds records in the Pyraminx aka that funny thing he’s holding and other cube events.

So, to all my friends in France and every one here, “Happy Bastille Day.”

Whip UP a souffle or something!

And don’t forget!

DrewSA! DrewSA! DrewSA!

Here’s a link…