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Off Topic…Not Political at All

I’ve seen several posts today around how the Vice President has politicized the Olympic Games.  One went on and on as to how it was something new.

As in it’s never been done before.

I hate to be a nag, but guess what, it’s not new.

First of all the Olympics (in my opinion) are the most political gathering on the planet outside of the United Nations.  It is a time when nations pretending to come together in unity are there to compete against one another using their citizens as pawns in the process.

There were a few times in the past where politics clouded the view of the playing field.

Germany having started World War I was banned from the 1920 Olympics.  I’m so glad it wasn’t political.

Then there was that time in Germany when they had the Nazi Olympics and nothing was political.

Japan having bombed Pearl Harbor and killed thousands was banned in 1948. Well, at least it wasn’t political.

South Africa – banned in 1964 over their racist policies, and their neighbor, Rhodesia was in 1972.  Thank goodness politics didn’t hamper the games.

In 1956, fewer than 3,500 athletes attended the games in Melbourne, Australia when Egypt, Lebanon, and Iraq boycotted the games in protest of the Israeli invasion of the Sinai.

And just a few weeks prior to the torch lighting, The USSR invaded Hungary suppressing an uprising and rolling over people with tanks.  The Netherlands, Spain, and Switzerland boycotted in protest.  But that doesn’t sound political at all to me, You?

That same year, East and West Germany competed as one team.  They would do so until 1964 when things weren’t so political.

Of course the protest by American athletes at 1968’s Mexico City Olympics wasn’t at all political.

In 1972 eleven Israeli Olympic team members were taken hostage and murdered along with a German police officer by the Palestinian terrorist organization called Black September.  But, no one in Munich or the rest of the world thought it political.

Apartheid caused most of Africa to “non-politically” boycott the 1964 and 1976 Olympics.

Jimmy Carter, who was not political at all, kept the USA home from Moscow.

Of course the Refugee Team at the 2016 Olympics in Rio wasn’t a politically motivated move at all.  Really, we’d all be foolish to think so.

Of course there’s always the change to the Marathon story.  Queen Alexandra, consort of The United Kingdom’s Edward VII, changed marathoning forever when she decided the race should start on the East Terrace of Windsor Castle so “the little ones in the nursery” could watch the start, and had it end at the Royal Box in thereviewing stand, which she had had moved so the sun would not be in her eyes, extending the race from its customary but not arbitrary 25 miles to 26.2 miles.

But then, how could the Queen of England be considered political?

To Infinity and Beyond!

On this date in 1986, Florida Congressman (now Senator) Bill Nelson lifted off in the Space Shuttle from Cape Canaveral.

Here’s a thought, make one that seats 535!

We’ll call it Congress in Motion.

Testing Tradition

As we’ve done for years, our family sat down over the Holidays and watched The Sound of Music.

It started when we married 40 years ago, and continues on today with, well, at least one of the kids.

Though we don’t sing along the whole movie through, we often chime in from time to time on favorite songs.

When it got to 16 Going  On 17, I thought, “Wow!  That would never be written in today’s world.”

I also thought, “Oh crap!  It’s another call and response song! Another song possibly viewed as a sexist paean!”

And it could be.

But ya know, I don’t give a ratsass!

I like the song and I love that movie!

Sure, sure, Rolf turned out to be a Nazi Youth member who ratted out the entire Von Trapp family!

Sure, sure, Rolf says things like “…Totally unprepared are you, To face a world of men, Timid and shy and scared are you, Of things beyond your ken.”

And Liesl echoes back with “I need someone older and wiser, Telling me what to do, You are seventeen going on eighteen, I’ll, depend, on you.”

In other words, he’s the leader of the pack, and she’s just the simple little gal at home depending on him for her every need!

Sure, sure, they don’t end UP together, but again – don’t care!

Love it, hate it. Your choice!

TSOM may be the most historically inaccurate biopic ever made, but I’m happier every time I watch it!

Here’s the movie version.

…and the lyrics.


You wait little girl on an empty stage
For fate to turn the light on
Your life little girl is an empty page
That men will want to write on

Do write on

You are sixteen going on seventeen
Baby, it’s time to think
Better beware be canny and careful
Baby, you’re on the brink
You are sixteen going on seventeen
Fellows will fall in line
Eager young lads and roues and cads
Will offer you food and wine

Totally unprepared are you
To face a world of men
Timid and shy and scared are you
Of things beyond your ken

You need someone older and wiser
Telling you what to do
I am seventeen going on eighteen
I’ll, take care, of you
I am sixteen going on seventeen
I know that I’m naïve
Fellows I meet may tell me I’m sweet
And willingly I believe

I am sixteen going on seventeen
Innocent as a rose
Bachelor dandies, drinkers of brandies
What do I know of those?

Totally unprepared am I
To face a world of men
Timid and shy and scared am I
Of things beyond my ken

I need someone older and wiser
Telling me what to do
You are seventeen going on eighteen
I’ll, depend, on you

Where Are We?

This is a picture of …

  • The Capitol in Washington, D. C.


  • The Seat of Government for the United States.


  • A frat house full of horny post-adolescents.

    All of the above.