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You May Want To Look Away…

Some of you may want to look away.

I’m slightly annoyed with this whole recount business UP nawth, and most especially pissed at Dr. Jill Stein.

Now, I have for the most part been quiet on the blog about the election.  Oh, yes, yes, I know, I did a post or two, and I’ve chimed in a time or two on a Facebook post, but I’ve tried – and I’m sure failed – NOT to be inflammatory.

Well, put your flame retardant onesie on.

During the election cycle, in a private exchange on the internet with a family member I jokingly said, “My biggest fear is that now that Mother and Daddy are dead, they will vote Democrat for the first time!”

It was shortly after the James Madison University voting scandal erupted, it was meant in humor, and it was NOT.WELL.RECEIVED.


Not at all!

The comment back was loaded with sarcasm, I’ll paraphrase, “…sure, sure, if Trump loses the election it will be because of all the dead voters and the illegals streaming in to vote…”

We, out of family harmony, moved on to other topics far less dangerous.

But, the country hasn’t.

Prior to the stunning result of Donald Trump actually winning the presidency, every one – including me – thought he’d lose, and make a fuss like no other when he did.

Well, it didn’t happen that way.

The fuss did.

But not by Secretary Clinton.

Blame can be spread around a plenty, but like I said UP there, Dr. Jill is part of the problem, a big part, and what she’s doing in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania is useless, expensive, wasteful, divisive, and just plain wrong.

Frankly, Dr. Stein cares less about America than Putin in my book, and she for darn sure doesn’t give a crap about democracy.

If she did, she’d be recounting a few other places as well.

Like Colorado where Secretary Clinton won by fewer than 72,000 votes, or Minnesota where she received 43,784 more votes than President Elect Trump, or Maine where she won by 20,035.

And what about hard fought Nevada?

She garnered 26,434 more votes than the Republican Candidate in Nevada, and gave him a shellacking of 6,762 votes in New Hampshire.

I don’t see teams of re-counters dashing to those states to assure the American voting public that Democracy lives in Reno, Vegas, or Minneola!



Here’s why.

Dr. Jill is a spoiler. She cares nothing for democracy, America, American values, or for that matter freedom.

If Dr. Jill had her way, we’d all be living 1984  or Anthem lives.

She’s a socialist who borders on communism.

And she showed her true colors last week when she referred to Fidel Castro as “…a beacon of justice in the shadow of empire…”

Yeah, yeah, I know, I mentioned that one before, but humor me, it’s my blog, and quite frankly, I’m still pissed about it, and everyone needs to realize just how dangerous this woman is!

By expressing her adoration for Fidel in that light, she is telling us what she and every other true socialist believes.

Capitalists, capitalism, freedoms, democracy, and freedom of thought must be squashed.

She thinks it just that Fidel Castro gunned down hundreds of Cuban dissidents after Raul blindfolded them and while Che watched.

She thinks it fair that thousands were imprisoned in Cuba for dissenting.

She thinks it’s just dandy that voting rights were denied there when Cubans were forced to vote and vote for one party – the Socialist Party.

She thinks all that’s OK because that’s the way socialists think.

She may not wield a gun in the revolution, but she’d re-load Fidel’s if she could.

What she’s doing in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania is wrong. She’s doing it to divide America further.

She’s doing it to fill the coffers of the Green Party to allow them a larger voice in the political conversation.

And if any voice needs to be silenced, it’s that one.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

Fidel Castro is dead!




All weekend long we listened to Jimmy Carter, Jesse Jackson, Dr, Jill Stein, and others laud Castro as a great leader, a hero, a beacon of justice!, and a man who loved his country.

  1. Not a hero.
  2. Not a leader.
  3. Had no clue what justice is.
  4. Loved his power; the location was a matter of convenience.

Forget for a moment the thousands of political prisoners he held captive during his oppressive regime.  Forget for a minute the thousands of dissidents he murdered in the name of socialism.  Forget for a moment the thousands of women he raped.   Forget for a little while the millions of Cuban exiles who longed for home, family, culture, and property.  Forget just for a time the hundreds of businesses he stole from their rightful owners.

For a moment, forget all that.

But if you’re part of my generation, think back to October of 1962.

Remember your parents; how they felt, what they said, how much closer they hugged you.

In 1962, Castro led the world to the brink of nuclear war.  Castro was the Cuban Missile Crisis.  It was his doing, his knuckling to pressure from the Soviets that brought our nation to the very cusp of catastrophe.

It was Castro who traumatized a nation.

And though I’ll never forget those he murdered, robbed, imprisoned, and raped – they may fade.

But I will never forget the Cuban Missile Crisis as it forever changed our nation.

I will never call him a hero, a man who loved is country, a leader.

And to call him a “beacon of justice in the shadow of empire” is pure lunacy.  And no one who truly loves this nation could possibly feel that way about him.

He was an international terrorist and we should have taken him out decades ago.

Remember President Kennedy on television telling the nation just how close we were to destruction.


And if you don’t remember, or you’ve never heard of this, take 20 minutes to watch this…

…for nearly 19 minutes, John F. Kennedy showed the world what a leader was.

Castro: no leader, no hero, only a tyrant.

He’s dead; sic semper tyrannis.


First and Last

On this date in 1874, the elephant was used as a symbol for the Republican Party for the first time.  It was in Harper’s Weekly Magazine.


Thomas Nast, a German-born American caricaturist and editorial cartoonist who is considered to the the father of the American cartoon, created the symbol.


It took off, stuck, and has been used for over 140 years.

You may see it for the last time Wednesday morning as the RNC will probably die tomorrow evening about 9 Central Time.

It’s been real.




Teach The Children Well

By the time you read this, it will be old news.  But quite frankly, I needed to wait to post this.

A couple of reasons:  I needed to “calm down”, and I needed to see what the outcome of this tasteless and ignorant event would be.

Now, first of all, I used “ignorant” with all the Christian charity and kindness I can muster.  I realize that ignorance isn’t always a choice, and quite frankly, with the state of education these days, I’m surprised the cheer squad at McClain High A. ever heard of Andrew Jackson, much less, B. The Trail of Tears.

At any rate, here’s what happened.

The high school cheer squad’s break away banner turned heads, pissed people off, and tested the tempers of folks everywhere.

That included me.

Risking further offence, he’s what it said:


Now, I’m a guy who can find humor most anywhere, but this just isn’t.  It’s tacky, tasteless, ignorant, and offensive.

Plain and simple, someone just wasn’t thinking.

The McClain Tigers were playing the Hillsboro Indians; and just an aside, the mascot name may be part of the problem.

The Trail of Tears of course was the forced removal of Native Americans over a period of several years instigated and carried out by the US Government at the behest of President Andrew Jackson, a slave holding democrat from Tennessee.

Over time, more than 4,000 Cherokee died on the way to the Oklahoma Territory, which would eventually be taken away from them as well.

While at the game, Rachel Onusko took and tweeted a picture of the banner and said, “…beyond ignorant and offensive..”

She’s right.

As in spot on right!

The school immediately issued an apology, which one would think would be enough.

But, you know, it’s not.

Now, no one needs to die or lose their job over this, but someone one needs to make darn sure that the Trail of Tears is being taught in our schools.

And taught properly.

There are reasons.

  1. It’s history. History is history, facts are facts, we can learn from history.  Now, even I can’t make the Trail of Tears funny, and no one should try, but they could make it interesting, and they can make sure it’s taught.
  2. Ignorance is, well, it’s not good! As a matter of fact, it’s dangerous. If we don’t know how horrific the Trail of Tears really was, it could happen again.

So, Mr. Mayor, Mr. School-board Member, Mr. Governor – fix this; teach the children well.

Oh, and BTW, the Indians won; 43 – 40; guess who cried all the way home.