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The first time my brother, Charlie went to a family Thanksgiving Dinner with his new bride-to-be back in the 60s, his then future and now present brother-in-law said, “Watch out for Aunt Polly’s Dressing.”

Every family has one, or every neighborhood, or book club, or coffee clutch or what ever.

There’s always one.

Bad cook that is.

Sometimes, more than one!

You know, that dish you won’t touch at the church carry in, the mystery casserole brought in by your chain smoking, over perfumed Aunt Sally, or the tuna casserole prepared by the lady with nine cats…that one!

Now, Aunt Polly, may she rest in peace, really didn’t make such bad dressing, well, at least according to my brother.  “After all” he added, “there was always enough gravy to put on it.”

Apparently it was a tad dry.

My brother-in-law, who shall remain nameless, but you can Mark my word, that after every family dinner, he stopped at Hardee’s for a burger after ignoring the food prepared by the aunts.  And these gals can cook, really cook.

But, he didn’t know what was in them, so there might be mayonaise, and it was outside, or there might be bologna, and to quote him, “I won’t eat that with your lips!”…so he stopped at Hardee’s…hmmmmm.

Ever seen the movie “Waiting”?

But, alas, there’s always something that comes from a place or a person who’s not the best of house keepers, or doesn’t own a measuring cup or spoon, or has nine cats.

I’m not a picky eater, and to quote my mother-in-law,  “He’ll eat anything you put in front of him.”, but there are a few dishes I stayed away from at church socials, school lunches, and the like.  And with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming UP, welll…

…I like a lot of exotic cusine, but you can keep the cat hair casserole!

Cat Hair Casserole!

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