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Last week, the Dutch government said it would start banning tourists from buying cannabis from “coffee shops”!

Hate to tell ya this, but not every one who goes to Holland goes to see the Tulips.

Dutch Tuilp Fields

The Netherlands’ lax laws regarding marijuana and its liberal attitude toward drugs in general, have made the “coffee shops” busier tourist stops than the windmills.

Dutch Windmill

The right wing party lead by anti-immigrant politician Geert Wilders, who’s coalition government came into power last year, announced plans to put the kebosh on drug tourism as part of a nationwide program to promote health and fight crime.

Talk about a “buzz-kill”!

When the new rules hit, only Dutch citizens will be allowed “membership” in the cannabis shops.  The new statute also says that Hollanders will have to sign UP for membership, and each hooch house will be allowed 1500 members.

The policy will roll out in phases, with the southern provinces of Limburg, Noord Brabant and Zeeland locking down on the tourist trade first.  Amsterdam, which has over 220 “coffee shops” has already started to close a few in the international tourist attraction known as the red light district.  Border towns have already stopped selling to foreigners. 

photo courtesy of Jan Thomas Hebel

photo courtesy of Jan Thomas Hebel

And the foreigners are really bummed about it.

A few of the political leaders of Amsterdam are opposed to the new laws saying that, “…it will drive the drug trade underground…”.

Well, duh!

Some are afraid this will “…ruin the tourist industry in Holland…”.

Which reminds me, I’ve got a flight to cancel.

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