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At school last week while several of us were having our morning gossip griping “coffee”, a friend of mine, who shall remain nameless…(Starts with a D and ends with an ebbie)…told us all she was spending Christmas in Cancun.


We were instantly jealous annoyed pissed intrigued.

Then, she had the nerve to say, “I’ve not done a thing to get ready!”

Again…instantly jealous annoyed pissed intrigued.

But, alas, I thought, don’t be hatin’, take the high road, be a friend…make her a to do list.

So…here goes…21 things you must do before going to Mexico!

  1. New flip flops
  2. New sun glasses
  3. Stop paper
  4. Stop mail
  5. Tell kids the trip is their Christmas gift
  6. Tell kids to buck up and get over it
  7. Buy new bathing suit
  8. Schedule Bikini wax, we don’t want things looking like a scene from “Sex In The City” ya’ know.
  9. Schedule Manicure
  10. Schedule Pedicure
  11. Buy purse with built in Margarita Flask
  12. Learn to say “I’ll have another Margarita” in Spanish (Un otro Margarita, Por Favor.)
  13. Buy Traveler’s cheques
  14. Make seperate flight reservations for the kids
  15. Make seperate room reservations for the kids in another hotel
  16. Board dog, kill cat
  17. Buy sun block
  18. Make sure she packs ALL her husbands “pills”
  19. Buy new thong – for her
  20. Buy new thong – for him
  21. Make sure husband manscapes

Looks like she’s gonna be tired when she gets there.  Hope she has a good time anyway.

Merry Christmas!

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