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Ever just say something and think…”Oh my cow! Please don’t hear that!”?

Well, I do.

Sometimes I hear it coming out of my mouth and wonder, “What the heck happened to my filter?”


There are many folks out there who have landed somewhere on the Autism Spectrum, and really can’t help the fact that they don’t have a filter.  But the rest of us, well, we have no excuse.

Often times when blogging, I’ll find mysefl retyping over and over because…I just need to filter it.  (And sometimes because it just sucks is bad!)

It’s cathartic and theraputic to get things out, but we all have to be careful.  Rude is still rude.  Right is still right, and wrong is still wrong.

Some rules for filtering:

If you can’t say it to your Mother, filter it.

If your Mother would have said it, and you still feel you couldn’t say it, well, you may need to have a talk with Mom!  Ask her to put the Bud Lite down first!

If you KNOW in advance it will injure someone’s psyche permanently, filter it.

If it will change the world in a bad way, filter it.

If you know it’s mean before it comes out, filter it.

If you’d get mad if someone said it to you, filter it.

If you’d rather be right than happy, filter it.

Often times we find ourselves having to have the last word, just to have the last word.  Not a good plan.  Those times and “casual conversation” are when filtering comes into play. 

Watch IT!

We filter our air, water, fish tank, dryer lint, auto oil, range exhaust fan, and coffee maker…can I just get a filter for my mouth?

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