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I haven’t talked about any books lately.  It’s not because I’m not reading.  I really don’t want to boor your with all the books I read.  My reading list is all over the map.

My most recent read is John Grisham’s Calico Joe.

It may be the best book he’s ever written.

Calico Joe

There’s not one lawyer, and only one legal term in it.   It’s about baseball.

Now, I’m not a baseball fan, and I was skeptical at first.  When I was a kid, I was a Reds fan.  A huge Reds fan.  After all, we lived 40 miles from Riverfront Stadium, and Johnny Bench and Pete Rose were playing.  So, I was a Reds fan.

But, after Tommy Morrell beaned me in the face with a fastball, I gave UP my ‘passion’ for the sport and moved on to better things.

Like dodging baseballs…stuff like that.

But alas, as a Grisham devotee, who reads every thing he publishes, even the marginal stuff that he just ripped off in a few hours;  I bought the book, sat down and started reading it.

It’s a novella, 194 pages, you can read it in one sitting.

And it’s worth the sitting.  A great story about a boy who loved baseball and was forever turned away from it by the behavior of his father.  The story is deep, emotional, and I caught myself wiping a tear or two away from time to time.

Summer’s coming, so pick it UP, it’s already at the library in Glasgow, Virginia, population 2000, so I’m sure it’s at yours.

Really, it’s worth the read.

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