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You know have have to chime in on this.

Ok, so it’s already old news.

But, Osama Bin Laden was killed by elite American forces at his compound in Pakistan Sunday.

Osama Bin Laden


Although it saddens me that I find joy in the demise of anyone, some people just have to go.  And, frankly, I’m glad President Obama took a stand, took a risk, and took him out.

But, America has always had a bogey man. 

The American Revolution 1776 – King George III.

The War of 1812 – King George III.

King George III

The Mexican War – Santa Anna.

Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna

The Civil War – The South had Lincoln,

Abe Lincoln

the North Jeff Davis.

Jeff Davis

The Spanish American War – Patricio Montojo (he commanded the Spanish Navy, and we kicked his butt at the Battle of Manilla Bay).

Patricio Montojo

World War I – Kaiser Wilhelm.

Wilhelm II

World War II – Hitler, Mussolini,

Hitler and Mussolini

and Hirohito.

Emperor Hirohito

Korea – Kim Il sung.

Kim  Il sung in 1946

Viet Nam – Ho Chi Minh,

Ho Chi Minh

 Pol Pot, and a cast of thousands.

Pol Pot

The Cold War – Khrushchev and Castro

 Castro and Khrushchev

Iraq I – Sadaam Hussein

Saddam Hussein

The War on Terror – Bin Laden.

As much as it thrilled me to see Americans in the streets shouting “USA, USA, USA” for something other than a ball game of the olympics, it worries me that we may falsly think we are safe.  So, America, who’s the next bogey man?  You know he’s out there, and we’re not safe yet.  There are nations and peoples who hate us for our freedom.  Our freedom and our freedoms remind them that they, by choice or by chance are not free. 

Be vigilant.

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